Casually Explained: People Who Are Into the Stock Market

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    In Crypto We trustPrije 26 dana

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    derianPrije 26 dana

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  25. Matt

    MattPrije 27 dana

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  26. Fletcher Gull

    Fletcher GullPrije 28 dana

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    K1NG CARBONPrije 29 dana

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    Mikkel HansenPrije mjesec

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  46. Gabe Fish

    Gabe FishPrije mjesec

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  47. Youtube Burr

    Youtube BurrPrije mjesec

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  48. cr4yv3n

    cr4yv3nPrije mjesec

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  74. Sleepless Indefatigable

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    This was hilarious except the Lehman joke at the end. I get it, it makes sense, but it just didn't make me laugh and kinda killed the joke before it which was really funny :(

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    Caroline-Prije 2 mjeseci

    @Alex-C Please can you drop a means of reaching her?

  170. Isabella

    IsabellaPrije 2 mjeseci

    @Jamie The amount to start an investment depends on one’s financial goal as Mrs Harriet would say. Well her no risk factor in trading is what I like most about her. She’s still my current broker tho☺️☺️

  171. Jimmy4038

    Jimmy4038Prije 2 mjeseci

    Mrs Harriet also helped my life😇😇 I started with $1000 and then reinvested after my first profit withdrawal now my kids are in a better learning environment as well a good financial status which my family could boost of now.

  172. enricmm85

    enricmm85Prije 2 mjeseci

    4:35 Peep-poop Edit after growing tired of repeating the peep-poop loop for at least 50 times: Happy to see that we dividend (re)investors dodged the Casually Explained bullet. If Casually Explained can't make fun of you is because what you're doing is right. That and also that you are boring af.