Casually Explained: Cooking

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Yo boys I just got my new $300 Japanese knife and I'm ready to crack some coconuts.

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  1. Robert-Joshua McFaddin

    Robert-Joshua McFaddinPrije dan

    I'm learning how to cook from my coworker at a Denny's... Knowing how to cook and being a chef are different things.

  2. Aiko Yuo

    Aiko YuoPrije dan

    ı wanna be a chef cuz ı love cooking but apparently, everyone around me is unhappy about my decision they think I would be better off being a teacher and they say bad things about the school I wanna go like ''oh that old school yeah they destroyed it'' or ''they force you to drink alcohol in that school'' and after slamming all the doors to my face they say ''oh that's just my opinion tho'' ugh so annoying

  3. slimei staff55

    slimei staff55Prije 2 dana

    It only matters if its edible and it tastes gud

  4. Scott Dwyer

    Scott DwyerPrije 8 dana

    Frozen pizza and Jack Daniels is the best though

  5. Tipperty

    TippertyPrije 8 dana

    As a Chef, I can say. This HRhaver has just about the right amount of Sarcasm to be a Chef.

  6. Auston Havok

    Auston HavokPrije 11 dana

    "Frozen pizza and Jack Daniels for dinner" Bro you nailed the service industry

  7. Phanteon E

    Phanteon EPrije 15 dana

    We do a little cooking

  8. Ghostflame92

    Ghostflame92Prije 21 dan

    I love the binging with babish shoutout lol

  9. Sprite Boi

    Sprite BoiPrije 22 dana


  10. Sample Rate

    Sample RatePrije 23 dana

    My talent is wasted on frozen pizza and jack daniels.

  11. Granth Tiwari

    Granth TiwariPrije 25 dana

    all I've ever wanted was to sensually oil a cast iron skillet.

  12. danchvrlton

    danchvrltonPrije 26 dana

    love the way u say mum

  13. Ryan Spragg

    Ryan SpraggPrije 26 dana

    While very funny. There are several things you have failed to grasp. 1-although Michillen stars are great. Chefs are starting to give them back as the added pressure of having them makes life insane cause now you have to keep them. 2- The cutting method for the onion is for dicing it. That's what it's for and the reason you do this is it dices the onion more evenly and quickly. 3- Spot on with the Jack Daniel's and frozen pizza. Most of us eat shit at home on the work days but we DO throw down good shit on our days off. Cooking for the insufferable Karen and Ken's that make up 75% of the customership is tiring and we just don't have that much energy when getting home to do it. Lastly the reason Cast Iron Pans are Gawd is the same reason Copper Pans are Gawd......even distribution of heat. Nothing sears like a cast iron because of it. Nothing cooks as good as in copper Pans for the same reason. Oh wait the Japanese Knives. I ONLY rock these. Now some chefs go by way of Japan and some go by way of Germany there's really two schools of thought. Now both keep their edges INSANELY long but Geman steel is heavy which some people like and prize it for that where as GOOD Japanese steel is feather light and makes it as if your slicing through air when properly sharpened. Which is why I love them. All in all though pretty entertaining.

  14. Kevin Underdown

    Kevin UnderdownPrije 27 dana

    So-called professional chefs are such prima donnas.

  15. Spectral cheese

    Spectral cheesePrije 28 dana

    F*ck the thumbnail, the Amateur tastes the best

  16. K̲i̲e̲r̲u̲n̲

    K̲i̲e̲r̲u̲n̲Prije 28 dana

    2:25 now that's an exquisite chair!

  17. Kerry Nardi

    Kerry NardiPrije 28 dana

    Jack Daniels? Please. You're drinking well whisky.


    NOSTALGICPrije 28 dana

    i liked that instagram part

  19. electriKal_ shoK

    electriKal_ shoKPrije 28 dana

    Prof chefs: *are vomiting over salmon caviar* Me: *being fancy with my cereal with no milk*

  20. John Doe

    John DoePrije 29 dana

    LOL...Humans are the only species that inject "art" into food. Completely ridiculous.

  21. ExDeeXD Music

    ExDeeXD MusicPrije 26 dana

    @John Doe so do you just eat canned tuna?

  22. John Doe

    John DoePrije 26 dana

    @ExDeeXD Music Ramen and cereal are garbage

  23. ExDeeXD Music

    ExDeeXD MusicPrije 27 dana

    Weird excuse for only being able to make ramen and cereal.

  24. Sckeleton Lord

    Sckeleton LordPrije 29 dana

    Imagine putting the sauce for the spagheti on the side and call it art

  25. Sample Rate

    Sample RatePrije 23 dana

    deconstructed bolognese? we shouldn't give ppl ideas.

  26. Ethan Tang

    Ethan TangPrije mjesec

    feels like a you suck at cooking vid

  27. Jacob Schmidt

    Jacob SchmidtPrije mjesec

    The first time I learned that Michelin tires were the same people that gave out Michelin stars my head exploded

  28. jans belerts

    jans belertsPrije mjesec

    casually everything will be together in stomach and professional will cost you 40 $ while amateur will be for fee and homemade

  29. ItsUnpug

    ItsUnpugPrije mjesec


  30. Erinmore

    ErinmorePrije mjesec

    I am a professionally chef, and I agree.. frozen Pizza and Whiskey it is xD

  31. Schwift26

    Schwift26Prije mjesec

    I looked at the thumbnail and was like " what's the difference?"

  32. Rob B

    Rob BPrije mjesec

    as a trained chef from germany, i can guarantee you that 3:40 is totally accurate! I literally ate more frozen stuff at home than before becoming a chef. Its just.. You don't want to cook anymore after a 12 hour workday.

  33. NotMe

    NotMePrije mjesec

    Hearing someone saying "Sacrilegious" hit really different when you're a TwoSet fan

  34. Mark Ses

    Mark SesPrije mjesec

    Im deprived with Sam o' nella contents and found this channel

  35. Tim Higgins

    Tim HigginsPrije mjesec

    You are so damn honest. Love it.

  36. Sicarius

    SicariusPrije mjesec

    2:40 bro my parents have that exact knife lmaooo

  37. Iggybart05

    Iggybart05Prije mjesec

    dude you are the only person who has me listen to the sponsor section willingly.

  38. jb Mushera

    jb MusheraPrije mjesec

    Lol me a French speaker not understanding the translation of mise en place🤣

  39. espressiv Symbols

    espressiv SymbolsPrije mjesec


  40. Jared Isley-Oliver

    Jared Isley-OliverPrije mjesec

    I just order in.

  41. Incomplete River

    Incomplete RiverPrije mjesec

    Nobody: Casually Explained: NEERRRUO

  42. Kawksz

    KawkszPrije mjesec

    As the primary chef in my household and friend group, the frozen pizza and Jack Daniel's comment is perfectly succinct.

  43. rd n

    rd nPrije mjesec


  44. Matty Cohen

    Matty CohenPrije mjesec

    I respect people who follow recipes but it something I will never do

  45. pessimisticbastard

    pessimisticbastardPrije mjesec

    what lol

  46. Sergi Ortega

    Sergi OrtegaPrije mjesec

    You have the voice of Jim Halpert (the office)

  47. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph StalinPrije mjesec

    Cooking in a single sentence: Edible and tasty scientific experiment

  48. Beerry

    BeerryPrije mjesec

    The intro nyoooooooo sounded like Technoblade Just me?

  49. Enzo

    EnzoPrije mjesec

    No cap those tendies look great.

  50. D C

    D CPrije mjesec

    ''Casually Explained'' yet i didn't understand shit idk if he's joking or just saying random shit

  51. Arya Shafighian

    Arya ShafighianPrije mjesec

    I still find it so idiotic that Michelin are a tyre company that rates restaurants.

  52. LEEF

    LEEFPrije mjesec

    my friend thought the ingredients list was the actual recipe

  53. Jln Tpy

    Jln TpyPrije mjesec

    Pretty fckn accurate

  54. Robert Fischer

    Robert FischerPrije mjesec

    1:50 Yeah us line cooks gotta get fucked up on sum

  55. rudi säuerlich

    rudi säuerlichPrije mjesec

    The best part about this is that the judgment of a french tire company will indeed heavily influence your success as a cook

  56. Beanie Martini

    Beanie MartiniPrije mjesec

    I guess he’ll have to do while I wait for Sam O’Nella to come back

  57. Shadow Clip

    Shadow ClipPrije mjesec

    Instructions unclear, I learned to defuse a bomb

  58. alan tambellini

    alan tambelliniPrije mjesec

    where do VPNs get all their money from LMFAO

  59. Lumirayz

    LumirayzPrije mjesec

    10 years in the food industry, worked my way up from dishwasher boy to head cook, long way to become a chef and unlikely that I will BUT This video is scary accurate. From buying a 300$ santoku that you value too much to use, to eating fast food and junk because you cook so much you're not gonna do the same for yourself.

  60. Swervy swervy

    Swervy swervyPrije mjesec

    You can rely more on technology

  61. David Ching

    David ChingPrije mjesec


  62. Wilzon 360

    Wilzon 360Prije mjesec

    fact: a homing rod makes the knife straight, not sharp

  63. Regen Chan

    Regen ChanPrije mjesec

    I lolled

  64. Mohid Rehman

    Mohid RehmanPrije mjesec

    "If you're an artist, your dream is to have your painting hang in the Lou" Am I the only one that thought he was talking about a toilet?

  65. Crygear

    CrygearPrije 28 dana

    The loo?

  66. Rachel Seamons

    Rachel SeamonsPrije mjesec

    Lmao Louvre

  67. CzaploRandomizedExtra

    CzaploRandomizedExtraPrije mjesec

    Finally someone said my food is Garbage

  68. I M

    I MPrije mjesec

    wait is this guy voicing this the same guy who made the videos 5 years ago or????

  69. Billy Ehlers

    Billy EhlersPrije mjesec

    why was the gordon ramsey so accurate

  70. Im actually kidding when it comes to most replies

    Im actually kidding when it comes to most repliesPrije mjesec

    i always put the sauce at the sides i dont want my fingers to get messy

  71. John Carnegie

    John CarnegiePrije mjesec

    Frozen pizza Jack Daniels is pretty good

  72. Crocodie icecream

    Crocodie icecreamPrije mjesec

    this video is sponsored by Heinz, your favorite ketchup

  73. Pohja

    PohjaPrije mjesec

    Dull knifes are dangerous.

  74. Jordan Spencer

    Jordan SpencerPrije mjesec

    You remind me of Sam o nella lol

  75. TSM Daniel

    TSM DanielPrije 2 mjeseci

    And then, we put it in the oven at 90 degrees, for 350 minutes! Thanks ryan styles

  76. EJ Antonelli

    EJ AntonelliPrije 2 mjeseci

    I go to culinary arts school

  77. Dog CatMouseCow

    Dog CatMouseCowPrije 2 mjeseci

    Nah if you want to be a chef the goal is not to overdose.

  78. Whiteninja Alex

    Whiteninja AlexPrije 2 mjeseci

    Imagine having five Continental Stars

  79. Todd Daniel

    Todd DanielPrije 2 mjeseci

    I came here after looking at the thumbnail thinking that this is gonna be all bs... But uh... it's pretty spot on. I'd sooner kill my family than put my knife through the dishwasher.

  80. Macho Marley

    Macho MarleyPrije 2 mjeseci

    Liked off the intro alone🤣

  81. Doug Doug

    Doug DougPrije 2 mjeseci

    My anxiety really grows when the recipe tells me about 1/4 cup this, 1/2 teaspoon of that. like how would I know if we have the same cup size being used in the house in the first place.

  82. Pro Odermonicon

    Pro OdermoniconPrije 2 mjeseci


  83. SoNotTheHeroType

    SoNotTheHeroTypePrije 2 mjeseci

    The Express VPN Saturday Night Live jab was perfect. The best ad I have ever seen in a HRhave Video

  84. L M

    L MPrije 2 mjeseci

    I like your drawings. just super cute!

  85. Paddy Gun

    Paddy GunPrije 2 mjeseci

    I don’t believe this guy is Canadian as no Canadian ever possessed such levels of dark humour and sarcasms with such fluidity

  86. Ron Leggero

    Ron LeggeroPrije 2 mjeseci

    Anybody notice he said competence not confidence

  87. Evan Ho

    Evan HoPrije 2 mjeseci

    As a chef who has worked with many chefs. This is correct.

  88. Daniel Mirell

    Daniel MirellPrije 2 mjeseci

    “I don’t wanna discourage anyone” lol

  89. Isaac Bakan

    Isaac BakanPrije 2 mjeseci

    Literally me cooking

  90. Angie_

    Angie_Prije 2 mjeseci

    I have an Elder Scrolls cookbook I was really excited to get, only problem being that my oven doesn't work.

  91. Spoon

    SpoonPrije 2 mjeseci

    How does this guy make cooking funny

  92. Glitch King

    Glitch KingPrije 2 mjeseci

    Dry cooker

  93. Da Noob roblox

    Da Noob robloxPrije 2 mjeseci

    "mise en place = forgetting half the shit you need" PFFFF ._. 🤦‍♀️

  94. SideStrafe Gaming

    SideStrafe GamingPrije 2 mjeseci

    I am in culinary school and work as a chef and this is all 100% fact

  95. INK BOMB

    INK BOMBPrije 2 mjeseci


  96. Cameron Bannon

    Cameron BannonPrije 2 mjeseci

    I learned to dice an onion from a gordon ramsay masterclass and that was when I realised gordon cannot teach.

  97. Bleh

    BlehPrije 2 mjeseci

    Nah man I'll stick with cup noodles and eggs

  98. Dust

    DustPrije 2 mjeseci

    *Thermal radiation!!!!* Hahahahaha

  99. XYZ

    XYZPrije 2 mjeseci

    Add 1/329847347 of milk into the mix

  100. thchildishalbino

    thchildishalbinoPrije 2 mjeseci

    Technoblade is that you?

  101. Xemirov

    XemirovPrije 2 mjeseci


  102. Saint Arj

    Saint ArjPrije 2 mjeseci

    I think I should go pro

  103. Auron3991

    Auron3991Prije 2 mjeseci

    Cast Iron isn't for cooking, it's for delivering concussions to obvious home invaders before realizing it was your neighbor checking up on you.

  104. Gianna

    GiannaPrije 2 mjeseci

    “Dice and onion”

  105. Taacooz

    Taacooz Prije 2 mjeseci



    MINESTARTPrije 2 mjeseci

    The best way to cook is dont

  107. Mad Max

    Mad MaxPrije 2 mjeseci

    1:15 except a guy doing a handbrake turn