Casually Explained: High School

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  1. Dlo

    DloPrije 4 dana


  2. Andrzej Skalski

    Andrzej SkalskiPrije 5 dana

    Good luck finding a "hot" and "german" girlfriend.

  3. Aldo

    AldoPrije 11 dana

    Hey man, just wanted to let you know I really like your videos. Every time I watch one I realize how much I want to off myself.

  4. S B

    S BPrije 12 dana

    I have finished high school 2 months ago. My advice to every kid starting now or in the middle of the process is: enjoy until it lasts. I have always hated school in itself, but eventually i have made some beautiful friendships among classmates. Now, we all went for our own way, we continue to stay in contact, but you will regret all the moments you lost that you could have appreciated. So have fun every time you can, but without being stupid.

  5. JustRhino

    JustRhinoPrije 12 dana

    bg music?

  6. Christine Parker

    Christine ParkerPrije 13 dana

    its actually been shown your brain doesnt start to grow until the age of 25

  7. Dr Strangelove

    Dr StrangelovePrije 13 dana

    "I'm telling you now..." "But I really needed to know then!" *walks away depressed* This really hits Home for me. But seriously, how were we not able to understand subtlety when girls flirted with us?! I was so dumb 10 years ago.

  8. Person Does random stuff

    Person Does random stuffPrije 14 dana

    As a kid around that age I don’t think I am invincible I think I’m gonna die at some point so might as well

  9. Timur Zavidov

    Timur ZavidovPrije 15 dana

    Lol "once you go through puberty you stop growing". I went through one at age of 9. 2 feet later.

  10. ipgd69

    ipgd69Prije 17 dana

    3:00 that hit hard

  11. 2kool4ukewlguy

    2kool4ukewlguyPrije 17 dana

    Yet we’re okay with high schooler undergoing gender affirmative surgery without parent consent

  12. [lllB06lll]

    [lllB06lll]Prije 18 dana

    im 14 and dying alone doesnt sound all that bad

  13. Miwami.

    Miwami.Prije 18 dana

    As a 15 year old who's graduating next year, I feel offended.

  14. Mariam Khan

    Mariam KhanPrije 19 dana

    His voice was so extremely deep that I thought it was someone else at first

  15. BananemitFahne

    BananemitFahnePrije 19 dana

    I live in Germany for 24 years and didnt got an hot german gf

  16. Constant Change

    Constant ChangePrije 21 dan

    It's worse when it comes from a Canadian. Makes it hit too close to home. Ending was absolutely accurate though 👌🏻

  17. HongLeh

    HongLehPrije 22 dana


  18. mac

    macPrije 22 dana

    1:26 that shouldn’t have been as funny as it was

  19. Koda

    KodaPrije 24 dana

    Jokes on you I am dating someone, they just go to a different school and you don’t know them.

  20. David.

    David.Prije 24 dana

    "How to Order at subway" Hit me real hard OMEGALUL

  21. zafuro

    zafuroPrije 25 dana

    "hot german girlfriend" do americans actually think this exists?

  22. Mo_392

    Mo_392Prije 19 dana


  23. Richard Primeau

    Richard PrimeauPrije 25 dana

    I got rejected by a girl now I have 200 000 reddit karma I had to pause the video to catch my breath

  24. unknown

    unknownPrije 25 dana

    He said "german girlfriend" ... Ein Volk Ein Reich Ein Kommentarbereich

  25. Tagiuk Gold

    Tagiuk GoldPrije 25 dana

    Where can I find these videos explaining how to order a sandwich at Subway?

  26. CasualGamer

    CasualGamerPrije 27 dana

    If a girl says that she liked you or she would’ve dated you, she is 100% lying... she would’ve done it if she wanted to, she is just looking for approval as most females do.

  27. toad

    toadPrije 27 dana

    We're all the same

  28. Nickmeme

    NickmemePrije 28 dana

    im 13 going to high school next year and I'm scared now

  29. Son of Sons

    Son of SonsPrije 28 dana

    I’m not most people

  30. Abc 123

    Abc 123Prije 28 dana

    Student loans follow you forever Laughs in European public schools and universities

  31. Gabe Tatlock

    Gabe TatlockPrije 28 dana

    Tell me why i live in canada and dont have southpark on netflix 🤨

  32. saucy bois

    saucy boisPrije 29 dana

    time to start writing the manifesto

  33. ניסים מזרחי אדרי בן זכאי

    ניסים מזרחי אדרי בן זכאיPrije 29 dana

    This is the 5th time i see this and just now i get the "i am telling you now" line, i thought it was literal.

  34. Mart Hint

    Mart HintPrije 29 dana

    omg i just noticed i have the same exact wallpaper

  35. Dobri

    DobriPrije 29 dana

    I can't get over how good this guy is! Keep it up, man!

  36. ??

    ??Prije mjesec

    “High school is when most people start having relationships” as someone who was in a middle school where 18 girls were pregnant i can firmly disagree

  37. 1 Ztype

    1 ZtypePrije 15 dana

    That was my middle school

  38. ??

    ??Prije 27 dana

    @__ Idiots+horny+lack of parental supervision= pregnancy

  39. __

    __Prije 27 dana

    Please explain

  40. Kombucha King

    Kombucha KingPrije 29 dana

    uhm elaborate...

  41. Lukáš Patočka

    Lukáš PatočkaPrije mjesec

    i dont like a fact, all jokes in your videos are too real for me...

  42. nur1Sadist der Erste

    nur1Sadist der ErstePrije mjesec

    What prevents you from being yourself? Me: The law.

  43. Roy Kalager

    Roy KalagerPrije mjesec


  44. Mark Monie

    Mark MoniePrije mjesec

    Man u r hilarious this is the only video i actually burst out laughing to

  45. Roman Flores

    Roman FloresPrije mjesec

    The last bit of info in this video is my takeaway lol

  46. Tristan

    TristanPrije mjesec

    Hello. Germany here. No hot german girls here. Over and out.

  47. gg gamers

    gg gamersPrije mjesec

    Finally sam o nella 2

  48. ytirar

    ytirarPrije mjesec

    “a lot of teenager think they’re invincible” not american students, we’re much smarter lol

  49. Shay Cormaic

    Shay CormaicPrije 9 dana

    Teenager's Fukin Neanderthal

  50. João Carvalho

    João CarvalhoPrije mjesec

    Student Loans. Ah, Laugh in Europe

  51. The raptor 348

    The raptor 348Prije mjesec

    0:15 I've asked myself all of these questions

  52. Light Fall On The Head

    Light Fall On The HeadPrije mjesec

    Good thing i live in a third world country

  53. juliet

    julietPrije mjesec

    1:25 yes.

  54. T'Kudzwa

    T'KudzwaPrije mjesec


  55. No

    NoPrije mjesec

    Fuck yes, take that teacher who sent me to the office for cursing at her!

  56. Slayerr96

    Slayerr96Prije mjesec

    I’m starting my freshman year in a couple months lol

  57. BigYeet2000

    BigYeet2000Prije mjesec

    Wait a min there’s more

  58. Frank Beans

    Frank BeansPrije mjesec

    He's mentioned his sketchers in multiple videos. I feel like there's some deep issues from his past in relation to those very shoes. What happened 🤔

  59. Henrik Lary

    Henrik LaryPrije mjesec

    RIP he perfectly described my first crush

  60. SadWasDead

    SadWasDeadPrije mjesec

    4:45 ok but uni is free tho

  61. SadWasDead

    SadWasDeadPrije 29 dana

    @Thank u, next yea, of course it is

  62. Thank u, next

    Thank u, nextPrije 29 dana

    it is??

  63. Ivan Bogdan

    Ivan BogdanPrije mjesec

    I’m going in to high school so thank you for this

  64. Bulgaria

    BulgariaPrije mjesec

    Adults: This video is so good! High schoolers: DID YOU SEE MINECRAFT IN THE LEFT TOP SIDE OF THE COMPUTER`S BACKGROUND?

  65. Sparkling daisy

    Sparkling daisyPrije mjesec

    Sometimes only sometimes I miss high school.

  66. I gotta kill something

    I gotta kill somethingPrije mjesec

    I don't think 70 to 80 years if your lucky is a long life. Not including that 20 of those years will be taken up by schooling, job hunting, mate hunting, and especially college if you're in to that. Then you have 5 of those years looking for a permanent job, house, land, and car... Preferably something affordable. A nether 10 to 20 with a identity crisis... 30 if you start at 20. Also, either during your identity crisis, or after your raising a family, or grand kids. Then you have spending your last 10 to 30, or so years in a home for old folks for the rest of your days. Because your kids don't care about you anymore, and want your house faster. Sounds enjoyable.

  67. Son Toro25

    Son Toro25Prije mjesec

    I like how he never even slightly laughs at the hilarious moments of shit he says.

  68. Crazbach - Meme reviews, video game reviews

    Crazbach - Meme reviews, video game reviewsPrije mjesec

    I don’t wanna talk about it anymore.

  69. Andrew Findlay

    Andrew FindlayPrije mjesec

    Casually Explained and express VPN are like Devoun and Core Games This comment was sponsored by c-

  70. _

    _Prije mjesec

    Holy Cr*p! That "But I needed to know then" just nuked me from orbit (while I waddled away).

  71. That one Stereotype

    That one StereotypePrije mjesec

    Going into senior year, too true my dude.

  72. elias197859

    elias197859Prije mjesec

    I'll never use Express VPN when Nord VPN exists. Internet historian had me sold if I ever have to use a VPN for some reason

  73. elias197859

    elias197859Prije mjesec

    Anyone else agree with me that internet historian is probably their all time favorite youtuber? Sam onella academy is up there too. Casually explained is alright I guess lmao I'll watch him when I've finished all my favorite youtubers videos

  74. Anton Gr.

    Anton Gr.Prije mjesec

    I Love you

  75. ForestNynja43

    ForestNynja43Prije mjesec

    Going into high school this Fall, this was very helpful.

  76. Deus

    DeusPrije mjesec

    1:34 The Butterfly Effect.

  77. Andrew Nguyen

    Andrew NguyenPrije mjesec

    I miss gradeA but i found u

  78. Xage Freeman

    Xage FreemanPrije mjesec

    For some reason my southern accent always messes up Niger for something else terrible for my history class in the 7th grade

  79. Snazzy Zebra

    Snazzy ZebraPrije mjesec


  80. TheReal BFunke

    TheReal BFunkePrije mjesec

    Lol dawg look twice pretty sure that’s 2 missed opportunities

  81. Jozeph Kerr

    Jozeph KerrPrije mjesec

    "because people are lonely and keep their thoughts for themselves" - this is so true. When I was in my late teens I thought this sort of close judgemental approach by my peers would go on for life so you have to compete and be cool as possible , but the thruth is when you've grown up you're surronded by people who has their own issues and nobody cares much what's you've been doing and how well you're getting on with society.

  82. Joyful Star

    Joyful StarPrije mjesec

    Stuff like this should be required for freshman to watch

  83. OyHa

    OyHaPrije mjesec

    when you ask someone out and she says ew no you just have to respond with yeah, i have a bad taste sorry

  84. Proud Beaner

    Proud BeanerPrije mjesec

    what highschool did you go to (I'm from vic)

  85. Toyota Hilux

    Toyota HiluxPrije mjesec

    We need to show the aliens this series

  86. WeeWDiedrich

    WeeWDiedrichPrije mjesec

    this helped me.

  87. morderig05

    morderig05Prije mjesec


  88. Roo Lenoir

    Roo LenoirPrije mjesec

    Lmao 😂 I’m so sorry!!

  89. SZRLM

    SZRLMPrije 2 mjeseci

    My HS crush rejected me and to the best of my knowledge still hasn't dated anyone yet. But then again, I have 0 karma and 20 followers of twitch, so idk where that leaves anyone.

  90. Xoh Xiong

    Xoh XiongPrije 2 mjeseci

    Love the after high school plan

  91. 1101 2202

    1101 2202Prije 2 mjeseci

    "Be yourself..." I got suspended once for bringing a skateboard that I rode to school, they said it was a weapon. I told them it was faster than taking the bus so I wouldn't be late anymore. I had like 50 days of detention for being late by the end of the year I never went to.

  92. Feike H

    Feike HPrije 2 mjeseci

    That dvd video thing was so accurate omg

  93. Major Payne

    Major PaynePrije 2 mjeseci

    Student loans? What's that? .......Laughs in G.I. Bill

  94. Page

    PagePrije 2 mjeseci

    "Now alot of teenagers think they are *title card* "

  95. Zurakto Bambuzi

    Zurakto BambuziPrije 2 mjeseci

    This guy critically thinking that his karma matters

  96. McMillan Gamers

    McMillan GamersPrije 2 mjeseci

    'yeah that's gonna keep happening' god damn i am fucking crying at that

  97. Andrea Quinn

    Andrea QuinnPrije 2 mjeseci

    2:00 It all makes sense. Me, as a 25 year old to my 24 year old husband: Get your own personality. This one is mine. Stop copying me.

  98. Robert Maravelias

    Robert MaraveliasPrije 2 mjeseci

    this described my middle school perfectly, i am now a freshman in high school

  99. Ritvick Kapoor

    Ritvick KapoorPrije 2 mjeseci

    You stop growing in height... and length. LOST IT!

  100. otter with a dark side

    otter with a dark sidePrije 2 mjeseci

    sanity? i think i left it at school.

  101. rdgray169

    rdgray169Prije 2 mjeseci

    I feel like showing this to my 8th grade students...

  102. Smugumin

    SmuguminPrije 2 mjeseci

    2:35 I've never felt so called out

  103. liam jorgensen

    liam jorgensenPrije 2 mjeseci

    so trueeeee :DDDDD

  104. Debra Chambers

    Debra ChambersPrije 2 mjeseci

    4:27 it's kind of racist that you assume they're trying to have sex with Europeans. They could be trying to have sex with people in plenty of other continents!

  105. Dean Wellik

    Dean WellikPrije 2 mjeseci

    God that dating part was a little too accurate, you don't have to call me out like that lol

  106. captain knuckles

    captain knucklesPrije 2 mjeseci

    Please bring back the mug!

  107. Jambambop Des nutticles

    Jambambop Des nutticlesPrije 2 mjeseci

    As a 16 year old I see this as very informative on why when I bump my head it starts up the jumanji theme song.

  108. Infinity

    InfinityPrije 2 mjeseci

    Athletes, Jock, Stud, 'Gamer', whatever you like to call yourself 😤😂 Where's my nerd fam at?

  109. Jessica LeeAnne

    Jessica LeeAnnePrije 2 mjeseci

    Yeah high school really is liking someone until eventually they date someone else lol