Casually Explained: America

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  1. Jax X

    Jax XPrije sat

    Bro I never knew you were Canadian xD as a Canadian thats pretty cool to me

  2. Clown World Citizen

    Clown World CitizenPrije 9 sati

    Canada produces the biggest virtue signallers on the planet.

  3. Jeff Lowes

    Jeff LowesPrije 13 sati

    Ugh. Your continuation of the "us vs them" mentality isn't going to help.

  4. Bob Bob

    Bob BobPrije 2 dana

    4:17 yoo where the kid go?

  5. Jonathan Swanathan

    Jonathan SwanathanPrije 3 dana

    1:36 And the hidden third type who enjoy watching the chaos unfold Also, why would collecting guns be a hobby? Like what do you with that hobby? Just kind of makes you seem like someone who resorts to violence any chance you get. On the other hand, literally all the people I’ve met with mental illnesses certainly don’t treat them like achievements, so I’m pretty sure people who brag about them aren’t maybe the best example of neurodivergent individuals. TLDR everyone on Twitter is a psycho.

  6. Jonathan Swanathan

    Jonathan SwanathanPrije 2 dana

    @pinned. by. Casually Explained• • begone fake

  7. Deirdre

    DeirdrePrije 6 dana

    “Collect mental illnesses like badges” Tumblr is crying right now

  8. Cheese Cake

    Cheese CakePrije 7 dana

    9901th comment

  9. Steven Kantrowitz

    Steven KantrowitzPrije 7 dana

    "People who think denouncing a bottle of syrup relinquishes them from their original white sin"

  10. Mat

    MatPrije 8 dana

    As a new zealander, we are more than just tomatoes and hobbits

  11. FBI agent 69

    FBI agent 69Prije 9 dana

    We fire guns, drink oil and complain about taxes

  12. Keith zibrat

    Keith zibratPrije 9 dana

    That was too funny! Brutally true, we do have some Fatties here down south😂

  13. Russell Marsh

    Russell MarshPrije 9 dana

    Why does everyone outside of America say zed instead of "z"?

  14. Manning

    ManningPrije 7 dana

    @Russell Marsh depends on Wichita part your from

  15. Russell Marsh

    Russell MarshPrije 7 dana

    @Manning do some people in Canada say zed?

  16. Manning

    ManningPrije 7 dana

    I live in Canada an I say z

  17. NekoMurai

    NekoMuraiPrije 10 dana

    Florida is an interesting place...

  18. J Z

    J ZPrije 11 dana

    US: 21 and we enforce it bc freedom is only for old ppl Canada: we are reasonable, no kids drinking then we all okay Europe: we drink when we smoke at 13 behind the barn, wee-wee Latin America: wait u guys have laws... AND ENFORCE THEM?! what!

  19. J Z

    J ZPrije 11 dana

    lol Russian subtitles wtf

  20. Pierre-Luc Robitaille

    Pierre-Luc RobitaillePrije 11 dana

    @4:18 am i the only one who saw the men disappeare in the green shirt?

  21. SebiCreate

    SebiCreatePrije 11 dana

    Plot twist: This video has auto-generated captions *in Russian*

  22. Al Capone 1999

    Al Capone 1999Prije 12 dana

    I'm one of the southerners

  23. Cougar2k

    Cougar2kPrije 13 dana

    I feel that Jamie should go get his PAL if he hasn't already, Canadians also have access to some impressive firearms. We just have some limitations, other than that, you can have lots of things that not banned yet.

  24. Christine Parker

    Christine ParkerPrije 13 dana


  25. Christine Parker

    Christine ParkerPrije 13 dana

    "lets say you want to get out of America but you cant because theres a wall"... 🤣

  26. Mindsmurf528

    Mindsmurf528Prije 14 dana

    I love how the guy in the green shirt at 3:39 gets kidnapped while the obese couple distracts us.

  27. Eli888

    Eli888Prije 15 dana

    these vids are so funny

  28. themusti

    themustiPrije 15 dana

    im a muslim so if i step on that land they'll kill me :(

  29. Bloody Brilliant !

    Bloody Brilliant !Prije 5 dana

    @themusti That pretty much depends on in which part of the US you're living.

  30. themusti

    themustiPrije 12 dana

    @Ff Ff Yea i know i was joking! im actually half american, my mom wears her hijab everywhere and not a single person has treated her wrong yet

  31. Ff Ff

    Ff FfPrije 13 dana

    That’s completely crazy. You’re not gonna die in america for being Muslim. Chances are people will treat u the same as everyone else. Don’t believe all the anti US stuff u see on the internet

  32. yevgeni10

    yevgeni10Prije 13 dana

    You already have fly on that land and got killed with others.

  33. William Lewis

    William LewisPrije 16 dana

    We all the same at the end end of the day idk why the hell everyones at each others throats

  34. Kasper

    KasperPrije 16 dana

    I wasn't even able to concentrate on the jokes. I just feel so bad for the poor guy who wanted to flex his tomato situation. 😥

  35. Resort

    ResortPrije 16 dana

    2:02 LMAOOOO

  36. LUKE

    LUKEPrije 18 dana

    "Black people should be free" Took awhile to kick in.

  37. LunarX

    LunarXPrije 18 dana

    Anyone got any bootleg Aunt Jemima?

  38. Justin Wei

    Justin WeiPrije 18 dana

    this has been said a billion times in this comments, but that black people joke was literally one of the best jokes I've ever heard (and the best race joke)

  39. Daniel Biggins

    Daniel BigginsPrije 19 dana

    You’re a Canadian?!?!?!?!?!?

  40. Help Africa

    Help AfricaPrije 3 dana

    Yeah but as an american he definitely summed it up right

  41. Manning

    ManningPrije 7 dana

    he's mentioned it a lot in other vids as well as being born in Australia

  42. DANIEL

    DANIELPrije 11 dana

    And Aussie I think

  43. spiritual Luna

    spiritual LunaPrije 19 dana

    the only provinces in Canada where the legal drinking age is 18 is alberta, Manitoba and quebec. I'm Canadian and i totally thought Newfoundland and labrador was 18 but guess not.

  44. sophisticated

    sophisticatedPrije 19 dana

    I love how the video is about America but the subtitles are Russian.

  45. Sean Hartnett

    Sean HartnettPrije 19 dana

    2:42, which is bullshit.

  46. Sean Hartnett

    Sean HartnettPrije 19 dana

    1:40, lol. But make sure to vote. You have to participate.

  47. lidija dimeska

    lidija dimeskaPrije 19 dana

    In Europe it s when ever u have the balls is so true

  48. Clockwork Cadaver

    Clockwork CadaverPrije 19 dana

    On the right you have those who think that people shouldnt have human rights and on the left you have those who think murals are an good alternative to human rights. both of them aren’t able to run a country and both aren’t allowed within 5 miles of a school district. We pledge our allegiance to the USA everyday from k-12 like some kind of junior nationalists. And our nation is apparently under god despite the supposed separation between church and state. I can’t afford healthcare but I can afford to pay taxes so my freedom can be defended from innocent civilians in a third world countries that our brave army protects us from by committing war crimes. Prices have been adjusted for inflation but my paycheck hasn’t. But the most defining this about America is how fucking good the junk food is, id honestly deepthroat Taco Bell for a lifetime supply of quesoritos

  49. PewDiePie booty

    PewDiePie bootyPrije 19 dana


  50. The voices

    The voicesPrije 20 dana

    Quite the civil war statement

  51. Bruno Vazquez

    Bruno VazquezPrije 20 dana

    It’s the poke badges were I lost it 😂

  52. Antbad

    AntbadPrije 21 dan

    As an American, the one mistake I see everyone make is that people think we own military grade weapons. Actually. Most people don’t own military grade weapons, their just big black and scary like the ones the military use. If you want a military grade weapon, you need a really expensive government permit that would take a really long time to get, and “military grade weapons” are extremely expensive anyway so people stick to ones that aren’t used by the military. I can’t walk into a gun store and say “hey, can I purchase a military grade m4a1 assault rifle that the us military uses.” I could say, “hey, can I purchase and ar-15,” which is not military grade which i am allowed to purchase with the correct permits.

  53. Sherry Mathews

    Sherry MathewsPrije 21 dan

    That sponsor transition.

  54. Brett Kitograd

    Brett KitogradPrije 21 dan

    These videos r getting slightly worse. James-talk slower in more monotone PLEASE. Great vid btw

  55. white stone

    white stonePrije 21 dan

    America is a CONTINENT gringos, get a non stolen name for your country

  56. DANIEL

    DANIELPrije 11 dana


  57. Zisan

    ZisanPrije 21 dan

    That color scheme for the text seems kinda reminds me of france

  58. Some Channel

    Some ChannelPrije 22 dana

    What you talk about we have lower covid death rates and we haven’t been locked down since idk like before Christmas at least

  59. Spencer Noffke

    Spencer NoffkePrije 22 dana

    The United States is a Republic. Not a Democracy.

  60. JerkySwiner215

    JerkySwiner215Prije 21 dan

    It's a democracy, like most other republics. One of the most flawed real democracies on earth, but it is one.

  61. Another German Mapper

    Another German MapperPrije 21 dan

    It’s a Democracy. Most Republics are. They aren’t Mutually exclusive, you know?

  62. David Wish

    David WishPrije 22 dana

    Canadian (derogatory)

  63. Logan Scott

    Logan ScottPrije 22 dana

    How do Americans let the government get away with a drinking age of 21?

  64. Mariam Khan

    Mariam KhanPrije 22 dana

    bruh that American dream actually sounds amazing stfuuuu, also unusually friendly >>> (most of the other stuff is accurate tho)

  65. Paul Gering

    Paul GeringPrije 22 dana

    “Traffic? Sir, this is a churro line.”

  66. AD4Audio

    AD4AudioPrije 23 dana

    If someone was shot but tested positive for covid, they countered it as a covid death. So don't trust those statistics. 🤦‍♂️

  67. Another German Mapper

    Another German MapperPrije 21 dan


  68. Trey Best

    Trey BestPrije 23 dana

    Lockdowns had no effect on death or infection rates. There’s no stopping a virus except for immunity.

  69. Oliver Ridderstolpe

    Oliver RidderstolpePrije 14 dana

    do you think the virus fucking teleports or what lol, if you don't meet people you cant infect them ez

  70. Another German Mapper

    Another German MapperPrije 21 dan

    Yes...there is. Don’t spread it.

  71. Wondercats With waffles

    Wondercats With wafflesPrije 23 dana

    My New Zealand moss chicken

  72. spartan 117

    spartan 117Prije 23 dana

    “They call it the American dream because you have to be asleep to Believe it” - random Guy that speaks straights facts

  73. Ff Ff

    Ff FfPrije 13 dana

    American dream is still alive. We just need to get through this period of wage stagnation affecting the west. Cause that’s making the dream harder to believe in

  74. Anonymous User

    Anonymous UserPrije 23 dana

    I need a fresh tomato

  75. The Looinrims

    The LooinrimsPrije 23 dana

    Why has casually explained sounded like he’s gained 400 pounds in the last few years

  76. SenorPotatoIII

    SenorPotatoIIIPrije 23 dana

    goddammit i love this country so much

  77. BrawlBro

    BrawlBroPrije 24 dana

    Black people should be free 🤣🤣

  78. Jubnx

    JubnxPrije 24 dana

    Man your good

  79. Mordeby

    MordebyPrije 24 dana

    that ad transition was so slick the us government is thinking of invading it

  80. Koko Graves

    Koko GravesPrije 24 dana

    the mexico bit was fucking insane I laughed so hard

  81. Magnús Örn

    Magnús ÖrnPrije 24 dana

    "political extremes" no, worshiping the ground trump walks on is not that different than worshiping the ground obama walks on rural supporters of technocratic neoliberalism that are against immigrants and gay people are not that different from urban supporters of technocratic neoliberalism that are (less vocally) against immigrants and supports gay people for one month of the year

  82. Nick Kohlmann

    Nick KohlmannPrije 24 dana

    With all due respect, you're comparing a scooter to a dumpster fire here.

  83. Sebastián Boló

    Sebastián BolóPrije 24 dana

    That's north America dude

  84. Ian Gordon

    Ian GordonPrije 24 dana

    The high COVID deaths here are due to how many obese people we have in the US. That’s one of the biggest factors outside of like auto immune disease.

  85. wavy shady

    wavy shadyPrije 24 dana

    As an American this was hilarious and accurate 😂😂

  86. Cameron Clark

    Cameron ClarkPrije 24 dana

    Fuck lock downs

  87. Oliver Ridderstolpe

    Oliver RidderstolpePrije 14 dana

    fuck 5000000 dieing

  88. Dan Camajani

    Dan CamajaniPrije 25 dana

    Northern California here, glad to know Florida is internationally famous for being dumb as hell. 🤣

  89. Secret FBI Doggo

    Secret FBI DoggoPrije 25 dana

    Escape america with express vpn

  90. Jonathan Swanathan

    Jonathan SwanathanPrije 3 dana

    @Ff Ff idk, there are a couple other places I’d rather live

  91. Ff Ff

    Ff FfPrije 13 dana

    No need to escape here

  92. Talith Gaming

    Talith GamingPrije 25 dana

    America? Greatest nation? HAHAHAHAHA! The Empire is the ONLY great country because we're not even human.

  93. Jorge Alan

    Jorge AlanPrije 25 dana

    That was some braingasm right there 2:38

  94. unknown

    unknownPrije 25 dana

    Wow the end was smooth~

  95. Spicy

    SpicyPrije 25 dana

    2:36 Omg it took me such a long time to get the joke it is embarrassing And it is soo dark

  96. CL0WN

    CL0WNPrije 25 dana

    😐 , ight cool story bro bye..

  97. Khanyiso Mapuma

    Khanyiso MapumaPrije 25 dana

    OMG The "Black people should be free" joke is elite, I'm not even mad

  98. Gabe A.

    Gabe A.Prije 26 dana

    I think I'd rather collect AK47s, then mental illness badges...

  99. Based Recap

    Based RecapPrije 26 dana

    This was hilarious

  100. Beneco 2000

    Beneco 2000Prije 26 dana

    As a Floridian I am personally offended of that basic description and that you only used those two people and no-one else you meet in Florida

  101. Sirlagator Crazylaser

    Sirlagator CrazylaserPrije 26 dana

    Anyone else watching this on the 4th of July??

  102. Patrick Jones

    Patrick JonesPrije 26 dana

    I want to like this multiple times.

  103. Omar Fouad

    Omar FouadPrije 26 dana


  104. Alex Koss

    Alex KossPrije 26 dana

    Happy Birthday, USA!!

  105. gydorack

    gydorackPrije 26 dana

    Both the North and South wanted black people to be free Took me a bit, but I got there. Good job.

  106. Jonathan H.P

    Jonathan H.PPrije 26 dana

    Confederate States: Black people should be free Me: Ah thats nice wait

  107. Turner Jensen

    Turner JensenPrije 26 dana

    You can’t buy guns in America until you’re 21, not 18

  108. Another German Mapper

    Another German MapperPrije 21 dan

    Yes, you can.

  109. ArchetypeGotoh

    ArchetypeGotohPrije 27 dana

    Twitter is 90% bored democrats, 5% hyperactive democrats, and 5% Republican memers. So, at the furthest possible extremes, your observation is probably about right 1:59 you’re absolutely correct here

  110. Éros Jackson

    Éros JacksonPrije 27 dana

    2 months on and I've only just gotten the joke at 2:36

  111. Saad Omar

    Saad OmarPrije 27 dana

    Living in America makes me thankful it was all a dream

  112. Ff Ff

    Ff FfPrije 13 dana

    Living in America is pretty damn nice idk what you’re on

  113. Uwais Asmal

    Uwais AsmalPrije 27 dana

    "Black people should be free." I lost it. 😂😂😂

  114. Will Dupuy

    Will DupuyPrije 27 dana


  115. Skillz Peace

    Skillz PeacePrije 27 dana


  116. Vicazer

    VicazerPrije 28 dana

    you heard that ultrapatriots? the guns are the only thing making you the best country nothing else , oh and those that actually matter cant use them and you never will be close to so yeah drop the perfect country act.

  117. Ff Ff

    Ff FfPrije 13 dana

    Americas still great, seethe more

  118. kyriedashiznit

    kyriedashiznitPrije 28 dana

    Lol black ppl shld be free lmaooooo smooth

  119. Chris Anerton

    Chris AnertonPrije 28 dana

    "one side collects military-grade firearms as a hobby and the other side thinks mental illnesses are poke-badges" Alright this man just summed up both sides perfectly in one line.

  120. Evan Reveles

    Evan RevelesPrije 28 dana

    As a man from California, I take my high rent and gender studies degree very seriously

  121. John R.

    John R.Prije 27 dana

    We also take our food labels seriously.

  122. أحمد سالك Ahmad Salek

    أحمد سالك Ahmad SalekPrije 28 dana


  123. Thor Brenner Gostasson

    Thor Brenner GostassonPrije 28 dana

    this is great dood... Just discovered.

  124. Regurgitation

    RegurgitationPrije 28 dana

    Someone should get one person from every country and island and make them experience all the states together, one week for each state, and then get commentary. And then after 350 days of being trapped in America, having somewhat adjusted and made friends with a few other other people, when they’re sleeping we all of a sudden put them all back in their original country and record their emotional despair as nobody believes them, and as they try to scrape their life back together after being replaced and having the world move on without them for being presumed dead the very first day they unwillingly left. Im sure we’ll make a great impression though!

  125. Nagito Komaeda On the Nintendo 2DS

    Nagito Komaeda On the Nintendo 2DSPrije 28 dana

    Not enough bud light 0/10

  126. Gun-ta

    Gun-taPrije 28 dana

    Yo real quick tho, Abraham Lincoln was a republican, and that’s all that makes me happy :)