Casually Explained: Dangerous Australian Wildlife Tier List

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Knuckles is an echidna stop saying Sonic is a hedgehog you don't even know the lore guys did you even own a Dreamcast.

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  1. Save us M1SAKI

    Save us M1SAKIPrije 7 sati

    Australian animals vs pumped up kicks.

  2. idunnuoluwa abimbola

    idunnuoluwa abimbolaPrije 12 sati

    "life subtractor" 😂😭

  3. Yvng Panda

    Yvng PandaPrije 15 sati

    Yo what about the cockatoos?

  4. Jaeger Games

    Jaeger GamesPrije 22 sati

    Hey mate, where roughly in Tassie ya from? East Dev/Moonah bloke here.

  5. The Counter

    The CounterPrije dan


  6. Jada Lovimn

    Jada LovimnPrije dan

    Studio Ghibi is a Japanese animation studio

  7. T Bent

    T BentPrije 3 dana

    Came back months later for "life subtractor." Still great.

  8. Markus Linder

    Markus LinderPrije 3 dana


  9. HmZ_El_Be KePtU_FuNgUs

    HmZ_El_Be KePtU_FuNgUsPrije 5 dana

    Drop bear

  10. Toothpaste

    ToothpastePrije 6 dana

    "then i get it with my spin move" made me ugly chortle

  11. Barnaby Jones

    Barnaby JonesPrije 7 dana

    DROP BEARS ARE A MYTH Google it yall, it's a tourism scare

  12. Adam Jarenius

    Adam JareniusPrije 5 dana

    Yeah that’s the joke

  13. Nick Chow

    Nick ChowPrije 7 dana

    Cannot emphasize "death adder" and "life subtractor" made me laugh

  14. Nick Chow

    Nick ChowPrije 7 dana

    i'm a big fan of this video for no other reason other than your accent.

  15. Nick Kohlmann

    Nick KohlmannPrije 8 dana

    I was cheering when he mentioned Ghibli.

  16. Jango Fett

    Jango FettPrije 8 dana

    The scariest thing here is that the drop bear makes fairy bread using margarine!

  17. Sam Gravener

    Sam GravenerPrije 9 dana

    A tear kills you As

  18. Junky Cheetah

    Junky CheetahPrije 9 dana

    Also, RIP Steve, you got me into not only animals but fitness, as i used to beg my mother to let me watch your show before school, then had to cycle like a maniac to make it on time, good memories... 🙏

  19. Junky Cheetah

    Junky CheetahPrije 9 dana

    At A Tier just as he said kills you, i got an add for life insurance, I think the algorithm is trying to kill me.. 🙏

  20. Marc-Antoine Hamelin

    Marc-Antoine HamelinPrije 10 dana

    welcome to Morrowin i guess...

  21. antony Pizarro

    antony PizarroPrije 10 dana

    Can I use this video as a source for my australia project

  22. Arcade

    ArcadePrije 10 dana

    Australia’s motto should be: “If the fires don’t kill you the animals will”

  23. Smokey Bacon

    Smokey BaconPrije 10 dana

    i almost stepped on a red belly and almost fucking died. luckily their pussies and i am very dont dead.

  24. Timbo Jones

    Timbo JonesPrije 10 dana

    You can't feed koalas, they don't recognize the leafs when they aren't on trees. Is that a myth?!

  25. JonOnPaper

    JonOnPaperPrije 10 dana

    The thumbnail though XD

  26. Ryan

    RyanPrije 11 dana

    maybe you should express yourself more respectful about guy fieri

  27. Joshua Farrell

    Joshua FarrellPrije 11 dana

    Telstra being in a teir is the truest thing in the world

  28. Kenexxa

    KenexxaPrije 12 dana

    "The trees are literally made out of oil" Don't let the americans hear that or they are going to bring democracy in your countr

  29. MonoProd.

    MonoProd.Prije 13 dana

    01:10 accurate

  30. TotallyJerd

    TotallyJerdPrije 14 dana

    I'd rather have our dangerous animals, than have to worry about bears whenever I got hiking

  31. Michael Bowen

    Michael BowenPrije 15 dana

    Casually Explained is so hilarious. Something about his speech cadence. Keep up the great videos!

  32. Some random Dog

    Some random DogPrije 15 dana

    America is someday going to invade Australia for their trees

  33. AAA

    AAAPrije 15 dana

    And tire zoo is born

  34. TheDoctorRay

    TheDoctorRayPrije 16 dana

    There’s meant to be PROTECTIVE FOAM around TRAMPOLINES??? The springs aren’t just meant to sit there??? Damn

  35. Ivan

    IvanPrije 17 dana

    fucking "life subtractor" HAHAA

  36. late night logic

    late night logicPrije 19 dana

    Suppose to be comedy , sure, but somehow this delusion that Australia is dangerous has infiltrated everywhere. It’s not. I’d prefer to walk through Australia than Africa or North America.

  37. Alex Jarrah

    Alex JarrahPrije 20 dana

    The insidious nest extracellularly branch because married surely stroke via a inquisitive comparison. condemned, cheap skin

  38. Red Panda boi

    Red Panda boiPrije 20 dana

    Where magpies tho

  39. Vincent Baelde-Millar

    Vincent Baelde-MillarPrije 21 dan

    You're so wrong about stingrays though, they're beautiful animals that are usually not dangerous and I'm sure Steve would be devo'd if people hated them because of him.

  40. Dragonsin

    DragonsinPrije 21 dan

    I've watched this video around 20 times in the past two weeks

  41. Outskirts of Infinity

    Outskirts of InfinityPrije 22 dana

    No cassowary?

  42. RocketPanda

    RocketPanda Prije 23 dana

    My mouse is a Death Adder

  43. X_V_III_

    X_V_III_Prije 23 dana

    Life Subtracter is a new phrase I learned today that will continue to use from now on.

  44. Arthur Lundgren

    Arthur LundgrenPrije 23 dana

    If the rule for S-tier wasn't that they needed to start with S then cassowaries would've been there too.

  45. sam'ool red

    sam'ool redPrije 24 dana

    kangaroos will throw their offspring at an attacker or threat so they can get away .

  46. EliKle

    EliKlePrije 24 dana

    echidna: not australian animal its a re:zero character

  47. JSKETCHthebest

    JSKETCHthebestPrije 24 dana

    Life subtractor Hahaha

  48. Chicken Nugget

    Chicken NuggetPrije 24 dana

    Oh wow i just realised that that guy buying eucalyptus oil in the sponsor segment is the same guy whose girlfriend got chlamydia from the koala.

  49. Ashira Ben David

    Ashira Ben DavidPrije 25 dana

    You made this for the life subtracter joke huh

  50. Game in one

    Game in onePrije 26 dana

    I'm surprised he didn't include Karen in S+ tier

  51. Zevven

    ZevvenPrije 26 dana


  52. Runagate

    RunagatePrije 26 dana

    LIFE SUBTRACTER made me laff very gud

  53. Kathan Shah

    Kathan ShahPrije 27 dana

    Trees are made of oil America : don’t mind if i buy your all trees

  54. Smol Chef

    Smol ChefPrije 28 dana

    Fun fact: This video will show up at the top if you search _Beaver go quack_

  55. TheCCPfearsANZ

    TheCCPfearsANZPrije 28 dana

    also crocodiles are very smart, they can plan an attack on a camp site.

  56. TheCCPfearsANZ

    TheCCPfearsANZPrije 28 dana

    As an Australian i insist that Koalas are F tier, they all have chlamydia, they eat poo and they also are the dumbest mammals on the planet, they have a smooth brain and are so stupid that if you put leaves in a bowl they wouldn't know it is food.

  57. Shyir

    ShyirPrije 28 dana

    There are people in Tasmania? I thought only Dracula lived there....

  58. Panicatthemood

    PanicatthemoodPrije 28 dana

    “The trees are literally made of oil” Me, a American: DID SOMEONE SAY OIL?!

  59. FlayvorOfEvil

    FlayvorOfEvilPrije 29 dana

    Kangaroo glocks

  60. PlaydoughMaster

    PlaydoughMasterPrije 29 dana

    I’m listening to all these things Australians are dealing with while I’m here in the USA screaming at a cockroach

  61. SoupYT

    SoupYTPrije 29 dana

    Filipino when saw a platypus: uy! si Perry the platypus!

  62. Sp00d4r-m4n God

    Sp00d4r-m4n GodPrije 29 dana

    Alright so never go to Australia or anywhere just stay home and drink milkshake with my chicken nuggets

  63. &

    &Prije 29 dana

    Life subtracter I'm fucking dying

  64. Leonardo Gaudernak

    Leonardo GaudernakPrije 29 dana

    Casually explained : in Australia the trees are made of oil. Americans: time to spread democracy🇺🇸🤑

  65. 雲

    Prije 29 dana

    Where the magpie

  66. arcast

    arcastPrije mjesec

    2:19 well next thing you know americas gonna have half the entire country dedicated to growing eucalyptus trees

  67. Caio Caetano

    Caio CaetanoPrije mjesec

    Looks like TierZoo made in Microsoft Paint. I love it.

  68. gamers arduinos

    gamers arduinosPrije mjesec

    What happened to teirzoo

  69. naysay02

    naysay02Prije mjesec

    The death adder joke killed me. Well done

  70. Brownie GP

    Brownie GPPrije mjesec

    its pains me to see people making jokes about the snakes and spiders and crocs and stuff everyone know that telstra is the devil and loving giving shitty internet services to everyone and limiting internet speeds so you have to pay for more. micro transactions for internet. also nbn is a bitch

  71. Krellola

    KrellolaPrije mjesec

    0:14 so you mean like a school shooting

  72. DatSpideyLife

    DatSpideyLifePrije mjesec

    “The trees are made of oil” America: “Time to colonize!”

  73. So Indecisive

    So IndecisivePrije 27 dana

    The queen bet them to it

  74. Shan U

    Shan UPrije mjesec

    Life Subtractor 🤣🤣🤣

  75. Steve Griffiths

    Steve GriffithsPrije mjesec

    hahaha Telstra, fuck ain't that the truth...

  76. tank sinatra

    tank sinatraPrije mjesec

    The infamous DROP BEAR brother

  77. MrUnknown

    MrUnknownPrije mjesec

    Eyyyy Tassie boyyy

  78. leaky

    leakyPrije mjesec

    Llllleeeetttsss ggggooooo he likes totoro!

  79. Jasper

    JasperPrije mjesec

    australia to canada is crazy

  80. Demon Denny

    Demon DennyPrije mjesec

    I didn't know you were inbred, whats the weather like in tassie?

  81. Anika Maynard

    Anika MaynardPrije mjesec

    The kangaroo with the glock 💀🤣 How does he come up with these thingssss

  82. Joey Altieri

    Joey AltieriPrije mjesec

    Why do people in Britain and Australia call sprinkles 100’s and 1000’s

  83. Olli B

    Olli BPrije mjesec

    Telstra :) so nice man :D

  84. Kenny Saphir

    Kenny SaphirPrije mjesec

    i had chills just watching this

  85. Darth Meteos

    Darth MeteosPrije mjesec

    My favourite part of showing people from other countries this video is that they don't know which parts are serious and which parts are jokes... And they always overestimate the number of jokes.

  86. Osmond Chong

    Osmond ChongPrije mjesec

    Arizona is like Australia-Lite, we have like 1/2 the stuff you guys have.

  87. Bayda Faulkner

    Bayda FaulknerPrije mjesec

    telstra 🤣

  88. Stephen Appleton

    Stephen AppletonPrije mjesec

    4:12 was that a dunkey reference?

  89. Harshit Jain

    Harshit JainPrije mjesec

    The pause at F killed me🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  90. Lune Moon

    Lune MoonPrije mjesec

    well that's the first time ive heard him break out of character

  91. Cosmic Lyrics

    Cosmic LyricsPrije mjesec

    Ok so I'll be going to australia for studies in feb next year and I'm scared shi*less. No beach, no hiking. Home, college, work, home it is for me.

  92. P SL

    P SLPrije mjesec

    the spider blur saved so many lifes

  93. Massive Cow Breakout 755

    Massive Cow Breakout 755Prije mjesec

    As an Australian huntsmans are terrifying. They bolt at you when you walk by them and they love to crawl into your bed and shoes. They are also quite big. I guarantee most Americans would sh*t their pants at the sight of it

  94. yukitaka oni

    yukitaka oniPrije mjesec

    4:13 I'll try spinning, it's a good trick.

  95. ytirar

    ytirarPrije mjesec

    stop being so mean to uhh crocodiles

  96. will grenfell

    will grenfellPrije mjesec

    The video was good and till he said he is Tasmanian thinking us mainlanders consider him Aussie

  97. The Intelligent Cow

    The Intelligent CowPrije mjesec

    When Crocodiles are only in B tier 😦


    HELENA LINPrije mjesec

    2:42 why is nobody mentioning the way the "platypus" is talking; it's hilarious!

  99. Erica Le

    Erica LePrije mjesec

    @HELENA LIN i was joking lol


    HELENA LINPrije mjesec

    @Erica Le I meant it more like how a cute looking animal is using elaborate human language to explain how it's going to hurt you. I'm not making fun of the Australian accent, if that's what you meant... I'm sorry if it offended anyone :(

  101. Erica Le

    Erica LePrije mjesec

    Hilarious? That's a rude way to talk about Australians smh

  102. A Queer Appeared

    A Queer AppearedPrije mjesec


  103. Kaidyn Lewis

    Kaidyn LewisPrije mjesec

    Mate kangaroos are the most dangerous they look for people and Lewer them into water and drown them they can run as fast as a horse they are as strong as a bear they can box and they have razor sharp teeth

  104. Halfblood Brit

    Halfblood BritPrije mjesec

    Yeah nah I'm not going there.

  105. The Cast

    The CastPrije mjesec

    Please call what you call hundreds and thousands SPRINKLES!

  106. MISSION101

    MISSION101Prije mjesec

    No! Hundreds and thousands forever!