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  1. Saki Rv

    Saki RvPrije 2 sati

    3:33 this hits even more now

  2. Marko Apatovic

    Marko ApatovicPrije 14 sati

    The Activision Blizzard joke hits different these days.

  3. Chase Morgan

    Chase MorganPrije 20 sati

    Oh god, the Activision Blizzard joke, so ahead of it's time.

  4. S M

    S MPrije dan

    Many of the people I meet on Reddit are so mean ngl lol

  5. iamtooeasyn't

    iamtooeasyn'tPrije dan

    r/ask resdit be like; not me but my daughters dogs friends brothers humans mothers lawnmower

  6. Kermit

    KermitPrije 2 dana

    I hate how accurate this video is

  7. P3kittyopa

    P3kittyopaPrije 3 dana

    make a video about twitter please

  8. Burner Acc

    Burner AccPrije 3 dana

    Broken arms guy, Blowfly girl, Lobster bitch are honorable mentions.

  9. tukurenkobra - darth nihilius

    tukurenkobra - darth nihiliusPrije 3 dana

    guys fortnite isnt actually that bad and not all tiktok videos are cringe -30 billion karma

  10. Night King 48

    Night King 48Prije 3 dana

    This is GENIUS, as a Redditor myself like many of us probably are, this is quite accurate but in a brilliantly comedic way, and that’s what’s best about your channel, that you’ve DELIVERED

  11. Niko

    NikoPrije 3 dana

    I like how this guys always pauses after random questions and without answering or even speculating about the answer, moves on to the next subject

  12. superdbz

    superdbzPrije 3 dana

    i would like to see casually explained mom's melons in black and white

  13. superdbz

    superdbzPrije 3 dana

    getting down voted for nothing just sucks like being the one with 3000 down-votes

  14. Charlie Williams

    Charlie WilliamsPrije 3 dana

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  15. Starchaser

    StarchaserPrije 5 dana

    reddit users are like self proclaimed geniuses that gathered together and decided what is cool and if it isn't and someone has a different opinion lets bully them to death...but the memes are dope

  16. Please enter a name

    Please enter a namePrije 6 dana

    Yeah i stick to like 4 niche subreddits with like at most 20k people in them, humble and untouched by power hungry mega mods and the hordes of edgy teens and obese middle aged men. Sanctuaries, if you will.

  17. LanceTheKing

    LanceTheKingPrije 6 dana

    4:18 *sorry what*

  18. Maxo Sall

    Maxo SallPrije 8 dana

    The interface is insanely *ugly*

  19. Shutterstock Watermark

    Shutterstock WatermarkPrije 6 dana

    It changed

  20. Kaede Sakura

    Kaede SakuraPrije 8 dana

    Maybe next time mention me_irl before anime_irl otherwise the irl part makes little sense

  21. Jamie

    JamiePrije 8 dana

    thanks for making it more complicated

  22. Cameron Clark

    Cameron ClarkPrije 9 dana

    You are cringe if you are on Reddit

  23. Chirag Sharma

    Chirag SharmaPrije 9 dana

    Reddit is a synonym for rules.

  24. HNTR

    HNTRPrije 11 dana

    6:18 Bakugan was THE shit back in the day! I remember when it was the next thing getting banned from schools like Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon cards. However all these late 90s and early 2000s shits were the absolute best and I'm sad I can't reexperience the good old days again :( I just want to be a dumb naive kid again that's actually ahving fun and not caring about the world instead of a self aware depressed adult who has a lot of shit to worry about

  25. HNTR

    HNTRPrije 11 dana

    5:50 you can flex with it, feed your ego and proove others wrong who have lower karma even though you're not right but your karma is higher. Seriously hate this competition shit. It's a general internet issue. The human element has long been missing.

  26. HNTR

    HNTRPrije 11 dana

    Reddit used to be good just like tumblr used to be good but somehow... yeah, you know

  27. Izaak Gregory

    Izaak GregoryPrije 12 dana

    I still have no clue still.

  28. Solomzi Nkuna

    Solomzi NkunaPrije 13 dana

    6:10 I actually managed to quit lol

  29. Quellow

    QuellowPrije 14 dana

    OMG, this guy is a legend. I had such a good laugh. I am new to credit and I already love it XD

  30. DeadbeatJean

    DeadbeatJeanPrije 14 dana

    I really hate Twitter but Jesus, it's impossible to not dislike reddit-dwellers and those kind of people

  31. Sandor03

    Sandor03Prije 14 dana

    ah shit i am showing some of the symptons I need to stop right away

  32. Joel Heredia

    Joel HerediaPrije 15 dana

    "I ain't giving you no tree fiddy!!"

  33. Neon

    NeonPrije 15 dana

    i hope tencent ends up buying reddit

  34. Zach Falbe

    Zach FalbePrije 17 dana

    Crazy how many people allow their opinions to be influenced by who they’re speaking to. Isn’t that the whole point of it being YOUR opinion?

  35. Mostafa Mansour

    Mostafa MansourPrije 18 dana

    How can you say daft punk are not well known how?😥 for God's sake man they have 3 grammis

  36. Mostafa Mansour

    Mostafa MansourPrije 16 dana

    @channel5980 No they make very good music it's just they don't post 2 or 3 albums a year like other shity musicans do to make a quick buck They are the living Definition of Quality over Quantity

  37. channel5980

    channel5980Prije 16 dana

    They are very overrated

  38. slowmotion Milk

    slowmotion MilkPrije 18 dana

    you forgot to mention how fat everyone is

  39. Croakyossum7

    Croakyossum7Prije 18 dana

    *Breakup tutorials*

  40. Anime 4 life

    Anime 4 lifePrije 19 dana

    3:15 I have an old laptop that looks like the white kids laptop, Its a lenovo 3000 N100

  41. blcktar 01

    blcktar 01Prije 19 dana

    Half the website is porn 😂, it's real accurate.

  42. The First Darklord

    The First DarklordPrije 19 dana

    *You cannot post this. You do not have enough karma*

  43. ALulzyApprentice

    ALulzyApprenticePrije 20 dana

    You navigate Reddit by using a plugin. HELLO!

  44. Ryan Thompson

    Ryan ThompsonPrije 21 dan

    God dammit. Direct attack for sure

  45. rockysenpai_15

    rockysenpai_15Prije 21 dan

    All of reddit users are pedophiles and that's a fact

  46. LoverLogan

    LoverLoganPrije 22 dana

    This may be the greatest HRhave video of all time

  47. How Is Your Day So Far?

    How Is Your Day So Far?Prije 23 dana

    r/unpopular opinion in a nutshell “tiktok and Instagram is cringe” 500 upvotes “pewdiepie isn’t funny” Your post has been removed from the creators of r/unpopularopinon

  48. tom mueller

    tom muellerPrije 24 dana

    I have the feeling that there were many inside jokes about things on Reddit, that you don’t understand unless you used the website.

  49. Javier Villacís

    Javier VillacísPrije 25 dana

    It creeped me out how well I was described in the minute 6:10

  50. Robert Brazier

    Robert BrazierPrije 26 dana

    Should I be worried that all the bands mentioned for r/music are on my playlist?

  51. canned

    cannedPrije 27 dana

    I’ve always wanted to look like big smoke

  52. CrazyJoe

    CrazyJoePrije 27 dana

    You forgot the insufferable marvel worship

  53. Nicolas Clermont

    Nicolas ClermontPrije 27 dana

    Soy reddit for soy redditors

  54. Selpak

    SelpakPrije 27 dana

    4:10 FYI r/trees is for marijuana enthusiasts

  55. George sarreas

    George sarreasPrije 27 dana



    MMM APPLE CRUMBLEEPrije 27 dana

    I’ve never been so proud of not having Reddit

  57. Nero

    NeroPrije 5 dana

    @MMM APPLE CRUMBLEE Yeah it sounded like i was tryna be sarcastic so I decided to go with the next best thing 🤣


    MMM APPLE CRUMBLEEPrije 5 dana

    @Nero lmao i love how you went from “ooo lucky you” to this. Idk why I just found that hilarious 😭

  59. Nero

    NeroPrije 5 dana

    You'd pretty much be better off. All there is is just a hivemind of neckbeards

  60. America

    AmericaPrije 28 dana

    r/sounding is for making the acoustics in your hous3, car, business etc. the best possible with the least effort. Its so useful, it will change your life.

  61. ck carr

    ck carrPrije 28 dana

    reddit is a yes means no world

  62. ck carr

    ck carrPrije 28 dana

    does reddit give u protein?

  63. Legend

    LegendPrije 28 dana

    Reddit is largely made up of losers who are too afraid and bashful to have a meaningful life, so they try to imitate one online....failure.

  64. Alaric Skjelver

    Alaric SkjelverPrije 28 dana

    So glad I quit reddit about a year ago. I tried getting back into it a few months ago, and it just wasn't fun

  65. Chr1stown

    Chr1stownPrije 29 dana


  66. bakersmileyface

    bakersmileyfacePrije 29 dana

    r/science and r/politics are the same thing aren't they?

  67. Teo Tîrnovean

    Teo TîrnoveanPrije 29 dana

    I uninstalled reddit from my phone a couple months ago after I got cyber-bullied for not knowing the company ”Gucci” was named after its italian founder...

  68. ileWTF

    ileWTFPrije 29 dana

    Hey, is there a subreddit about incorrect facts? Lets change the reality (or common sense...) itself, lets fill everything and anything with falsehoods and lets just run with it.

  69. Shankhasubhra Dutta

    Shankhasubhra DuttaPrije 29 dana

    I just got my first upvote :D

  70. Muhaimin Al Saboor Rizvi

    Muhaimin Al Saboor RizviPrije mjesec

    this very very accurate

  71. BruhminoAcid

    BruhminoAcidPrije mjesec

    u/[deleted] [deleted]

  72. dcartq

    dcartqPrije mjesec

    In popular opinion; queen is better than hip hops entire discography

  73. kynan ali yusuf

    kynan ali yusufPrije mjesec

    R/Me_irl is basically relatable memes



    Why do Redditors hate Fortnite so much?

  75. BruhminoAcid

    BruhminoAcidPrije mjesec

    12 year olds

  76. MitchTheYoshi

    MitchTheYoshiPrije mjesec

    i think it's because a large part of the fanbase is kids, and they don't want to be seen as "childish"

  77. Stanley

    StanleyPrije mjesec

    I also choose this guy's dead wife will never get old

  78. Paul Russillo

    Paul RussilloPrije mjesec

    6:15 to the end I was looking out my window and checking for bugs around my house 😂 you were beyond toxic with how spot on you were

  79. TheMucleMan

    TheMucleManPrije mjesec

    I hate reddit bc when I make a joke everybody gets pissed at me for some fucking reason. Wtf is wrong with people? Can nobody get a joke?

  80. Cody Li

    Cody LiPrije mjesec

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  81. Xantho

    XanthoPrije mjesec

    after watching the whole video, I’d like to smoke a joint n have a conversation with you.

  82. Knoah Webb

    Knoah WebbPrije mjesec

    You can't generalize reddit, reddit is the most diversified social media out there. Each subreddit is like a different website, because of it's userbase and rules. Admins and mods are always on power trips, but at least it's better than all the other social media. Facebook: full of dumbs Twitter: cancer Instagram: poor people pretending to be rich TikTok: Cringe

  83. Desmond Molina

    Desmond MolinaPrije 6 dana

    This is truly a reddit moment

  84. channel5980

    channel5980Prije 16 dana

    Wholesome 100 chonker Elon Musk worshipper Redditor detected

  85. Ivan MK

    Ivan MKPrije 22 dana

    Sounds like u a redditor.

  86. Ellie S

    Ellie SPrije mjesec

    omfg, why does the last part sound *exactly* like my older brother: "And nothing makes you angrier, than Fortnite, TikTok & rich people"

  87. LJDF

    LJDFPrije mjesec

    It's easy to find smart people on reddit, for example you can sort by controversial on r/memes

  88. pewdiepe

    pewdiepePrije mjesec

    There’s no way this was made in 2020 I saw this in like 2018

  89. Frank Beans

    Frank BeansPrije mjesec

    Deleted Reddit the other week. 2 weeks clean now and still going strong 🙂

  90. Ole Fassam gamez

    Ole Fassam gamezPrije mjesec

    Why are people so toxic on it as well??

  91. Brandan Comly

    Brandan ComlyPrije mjesec

    Do iFunny

  92. WhyYeetNow

    WhyYeetNowPrije mjesec

    Reddit isn't 100% neckbeard and circlejerk shit, there is some cool stuff too! About 40% of it though. The other 60% is gross shit you shouldn't even look at.

  93. calimari

    calimariPrije mjesec

    r/memes is, well, shit.

  94. Bogdy Yo

    Bogdy YoPrije mjesec

    I have 2 *kOnAmI* decks

  95. nathan hyde

    nathan hydePrije mjesec

    Redditors refuse to laugh at themselves, proof in the dislikes...

  96. SZEBBJÖVÖ2000

    SZEBBJÖVÖ2000Prije mjesec


  97. Graham Miller

    Graham MillerPrije mjesec

    r/news is about news and that's depressing

  98. A knife

    A knifePrije mjesec

    oh goddamn it he perfectly described me at the end and ive only been on the app for 2 months

  99. Jacob Andrews

    Jacob AndrewsPrije mjesec

    If they have an anime PFP, they are, in fact, a coomer. So stay away from them.

  100. Marshmallow Cello

    Marshmallow CelloPrije mjesec

    Those who whine about anime pfp have them living inside their heads.

  101. d

    dPrije mjesec

    I genuinely used this as a guide for reddit. I got 100 karma in 1 day, go me.

  102. Eshdh Hdhd

    Eshdh HdhdPrije mjesec

    You forgot one main one. r/pennystocks lol

  103. Something Witty

    Something WittyPrije mjesec

    The god damn ask science one fucking sent me into hysterics

  104. TakeMyWordForIt

    TakeMyWordForItPrije mjesec

    I'm glad I watched enough South Park to understand that tree fiddy joke.

  105. Diego Serpa

    Diego SerpaPrije mjesec

    I watched this video wanting to know how Reddit works and by the end of the video I had a headache.

  106. zoomtasticlastic

    zoomtasticlasticPrije mjesec

    [deleted] [deleted]

  107. Roarroar

    RoarroarPrije mjesec

    I hate reddit with a passion often, but I keep coming back to mindlessly scroll through it.

  108. Joy Welch

    Joy WelchPrije mjesec

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  109. Punjabiitotay90

    Punjabiitotay90Prije mjesec

    Never been to reddit 😂

  110. Wombat

    WombatPrije mjesec

    Yeah whatever, subtitles. AskReddit, ass credit, basically the same thing.

  111. Calin Nita

    Calin NitaPrije mjesec

    Reddit is one of the best social media out there, it's just that the bar is very very low