Casually Explained: How to Have a Normal Conversation

Out here forgetting how to make videos, unsure of if I stole Jimmy's quote off of him, my own tweet, or someone else, and also just generally being envious of people with driver's licenses. It's also Jan's birthday tomorrow so say hbd but it didn't make it into the pictures because I drew them 2 days ago.

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  1. Kimara

    KimaraPrije 4 sati


  2. Райан Купер

    Райан КуперPrije 17 sati

    Gosh... That's wonderful video!

  3. InvisibleCrumb

    InvisibleCrumbPrije 2 dana

    thanks this actually helped me

  4. C Wheels

    C WheelsPrije 5 dana

    *STEP 1:* Respond to strangers, but make them wish they didn't engage in small talk. Instead of searching every dark crevice of your socially awkward brain for an appropriate and thoughtful response to some guy's words that you don't actually care about, just don't. Stop. Quit doing it. It's painful for everyone, especially for you. *Step 2:* Now that you're free from trying to be a functional human being, learn a simple phrase, and use that one phrase, every time. Start by expressing interest in what the other person is saying, but don't leave it at that. It's rude. Instead, state that you're going to leave it at that. Also shout it in an obnoxious and facetious tone. Don't say "Wow, that's cool," instead say "WOW THAT'S PRETTY COOL MAN, ANYWAY I'M GONNA GO NOW" This response will stun and confuse your opponent long enough for you to escape, allowing you to emerge victorious. If you cannot escape immediately after acknowledging the aggressor's existence, simply hold off on excusing yourself. Remember, never respond appropriately, and don't stop yelling! Bonus points if you cut them off mid-sentence. *Step 3:* You've expressed false interest, created an opportunity, now you need to leave. Start by shifting your focus from the perpetrator to literally anything else. This is as simple as turning your head. Then, turn your body as well, and lastly, just leave. Here's an example of a situation where you cannot immediately escape your attacker, such as when in an elevator: Enemy: "It's pretty hot out t-" You: "HAHA YEAH I GET THAT A LOT MAN!" Enemy: "....I-" You: "I KNOW, SHE'S THE WORST! OH, HERE'S MY FLOOR! IT'S BEEN GREAT BUT I'M GONNA DO SOMETHING ELSE NOW!" Let me know if this helped you!

  5. KC Lamb

    KC LambPrije 7 dana

    Omg the first minute and forty seconds of this is pure gold!!! I’m dying lol 6:20 yessssss!!!

  6. N8

    N8Prije 8 dana

    Finally! Some USEFUL information

  7. Ncgamerx

    NcgamerxPrije 11 dana

    How to avoid a conversation 1. Start signing symbols 2. If they sign back use a smoke bomb and run.

  8. Adolfo Oluvares

    Adolfo OluvaresPrije 12 dana

    Moral of the story be a dog 🐶

  9. 6gun Beauford III

    6gun Beauford IIIPrije 13 dana

    fun fact: the Korean war never ended's just a 70 year long cease fire

  10. Hypercube9

    Hypercube9Prije 15 dana

    Can I just point out that I hate greeters. People who say hello to you as you're entering a store like they know you. But really, they're a stranger and you shouldn't talk to them unless you want to get kidnapped. Alternately, when you walk up to them and ask them how they've been and try to have a conversation with them they look at you like you're crazy. Bro, you talked to me first! Why did you do that if you didn't want to know all about my day and how my cats are doing? What's up with that?

  11. Hypercube9

    Hypercube9Prije 15 dana

    Why wouldn't you respond with "Depends how hard I pedal."??

  12. Cetin

    CetinPrije 15 dana

    Khabib is the ultimate master of conversations. Khabib: I am very hungry: Megan: So am I. Khabib: Thank you

  13. culu37

    culu37Prije 16 dana

    hahahahhahahahha Jan

  14. Russell Marsh

    Russell MarshPrije 16 dana

    Hello, how are you?

  15. Leo

    LeoPrije 16 dana

    Uhhh does my cat have strong opinions on the Korean War but knows when to share them

  16. Gerrms

    GerrmsPrije 17 dana

    Back then vaccinations meant something so different.

  17. absolut_height_advantage

    absolut_height_advantagePrije 18 dana

    That elevator exchange is fucking hilarious… I’m 6’9 so met so many men like that who try to make themselves alpha but by saying the dumbest thing

  18. Yamatano Orochi

    Yamatano OrochiPrije 18 dana

    He was roasting you because he owns a car and you don't (or so he thinks)

  19. やめて下さいお尻が痛い

    やめて下さいお尻が痛いPrije 19 dana

    recently i had to spend like almost 2 hours next to a girl nearly of my age "waiting" for something, and NOPE it wasn't in a bus or train, or a queue but something different but anyway it doesn't matter lol, the thing is that we had nothing to do (no cellphones), i tried to speak to her but soon i discovered that she was shy and SO I WAS...we were very bad at having a normal conversation so that's why im here 😭😭😭😭😭

  20. Non Non

    Non NonPrije 21 dan

    Just be doggo

  21. Carrina Murphy

    Carrina MurphyPrije 21 dan

    "How was your day?" "Not much you?" Online dating

  22. Alexander Müller

    Alexander MüllerPrije 21 dan

    Had a friend in school who was super intelligent and funny. A really strange kind of humor, pretty dirty though. He tended to be in the middle of every group making jokes, mostly at others expense but it was still funny when one wasn't at the receiving end. Really charismatic guy. Anyway, I never met a guy who was as bad at dating or talking to girls romantically than him. He made jokes with girls, even sexual ones but as soon as the girls seemed interested he lost all his wits and tried to get out of the situation. He eventually lost his virginity, but to some hookers as far as I know. He just couldn‘t deal with this stuff.

  23. Engie_MaZe

    Engie_MaZePrije 22 dana

    3:57 > _

  24. Slackerman47

    Slackerman47Prije 23 dana

    I remember I told my crush about the time we met then is was just akward. I always cringe about when I remember that time

  25. comedyshorts gamer

    comedyshorts gamerPrije 24 dana

    Co worker: “the weather is nice today” Me: “you too, thank you”

  26. authorization batman

    authorization batmanPrije 25 dana

    A famous HRhaver telling people how to make normal conversation.... That's a funny joke. That's like hiring a homeless person as a bank manager.

  27. Jake Jackson

    Jake JacksonPrije 26 dana

    I laughed SO hard at 4:04, this is comedy genius

  28. h_

    h_Prije 26 dana

    ~2:00 counterpoint I met some friends I haven’t seen in years yesterday and out of nowhere one of them says “hey remember that really embarrassing thing you did” I didn’t but they all did. It’s not like it was a major thing either.

  29. Patwoods

    PatwoodsPrije 27 dana

    hate to be that guy but video starts @4:30 ish

  30. Jose Ruiz

    Jose RuizPrije 28 dana

    Jan is a terrible racist

  31. Call Me Swivel Hips

    Call Me Swivel HipsPrije 28 dana

    There are times when I wish you would talk about hot guys instead of hot girls because I'm all about the hot guys

  32. Austin Crabtree

    Austin CrabtreePrije 29 dana

    To talk the only way I know how 7 min monologue

  33. portaccio

    portaccioPrije 29 dana

    When I moved into my new house a neighbour, who I had sort of become friendly with, invited me to their house for a cup of tea some time. "No thanks," I cheerily replied, "I'll see you later." and off I went with a little wave and a smile. The next day at work it suddenly dawned on me that they weren't asking me to go to their house for a cup of tea, but for a chat and to hang out, with or without a cup of tea if I wanted. After all, he wasn't going to force me to have a cup of tea. I said "No thanks." because I don't drink tea, and he invited me round for a cup of tea. Oh god I'm an idiot! Hot shame flowed though my body like lava. We didn't even say hi again after that. Hi everyone, my name is Portaccio and I am socially inept.

  34. Ryan McColloch

    Ryan McCollochPrije 29 dana

    As a Korean I enjoyed this

  35. The Lil Sticky Dude

    The Lil Sticky DudePrije mjesec

    Hes no Sam but he'll have to do for now.

  36. pink beard shrine

    pink beard shrinePrije mjesec

    how i communicate with fellow homo sapiens 1. dick jokes

  37. Tolga Tekin

    Tolga TekinPrije mjesec

    subaru forester max kph...

  38. JH Park

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  39. Conor Norris

    Conor NorrisPrije mjesec

    the key is to be so socially inept you don't even realize it when you're being awkward and instead just power through it talking about Bionicle's.

  40. Diego Brando

    Diego BrandoPrije 3 dana

    @Sarah Barabe I have a dream. That is it completely.

  41. Sarah Barabe

    Sarah BarabePrije 27 dana

    Or all of us nerds could group together and not have to worry about seeming awkward and socially inept because we all get it.

  42. Wojciech Ficek

    Wojciech FicekPrije 28 dana

    How many Bionicles do you have?

  43. Finlay Booth

    Finlay BoothPrije mjesec

    Move to Britain. Small talk with strangers is a crime here

  44. Wojciech Ficek

    Wojciech FicekPrije 28 dana

    Where I come from, we don't even have a word for it. It's either talking about something, sharing rumors or complaining.

  45. transfor Tod

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  46. Ashley Nicole

    Ashley NicolePrije mjesec

    This is helpful thank you, when people say they can’t socialize at all they have not seen me-

  47. ytirar

    ytirarPrije mjesec

    thanks for t to he help. now i just need people to talk to

  48. apteryx01

    apteryx01Prije mjesec

    You got all that stuff about dogs from Dale Carnegie.

  49. Brandon Loiacono

    Brandon LoiaconoPrije mjesec

    It's simple. Instead of thinking of the aspects of a conversation, people, or yourself, think about what you'd like to say. Just listen and form your opinion on what's said. It's about focusing on conversing rather than falling into a trope.

  50. Szabó Arthur

    Szabó ArthurPrije mjesec

    3:50 It reminds me of that one time in band camp

  51. Kenny Saphir

    Kenny SaphirPrije mjesec

    i watch these videos twice

  52. Matthias Dean

    Matthias DeanPrije mjesec

    >be me >live in average apartment complex >wake up late morning omw to get milk >get on the elevator with another guy >cyclist, big quads, nice bike >try smalltalk >”hey, nice bike. Is it fast?” >he says it is >hmm >”probably not as fast as my car” >autism overload >try and play it cool, get off the moment the door opens >got off on the wrong floor and just took the stairs to avoid my own weapons grade cringe God I hope he’s forgotten about it

  53. Benjamin Allen

    Benjamin AllenPrije mjesec

    I have a subaru forester

  54. Aaron Chan

    Aaron ChanPrije mjesec

    Did anyone look this up or just find this?

  55. big clover

    big cloverPrije mjesec

    4:05 5:17

  56. E Factor

    E FactorPrije mjesec

    So get a dog, got it. I'm saved.

  57. Computeraccow

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    “Nice bike, is it fast?” *Thank you for the twitch prime*

  58. Christi e noob la

    Christi e noob laPrije mjesec

    5:09 Can confirm. Was talking on a vc with my crush. Another one of her friends came on the vc and she started making introductions. I said "oh yeah i remeber you" and proceeded to be probably too detailed explaining when we talked before. I dont even know why i remembered that

  59. Lenne Float

    Lenne FloatPrije mjesec

    *creates a video featuring a man who messed up small talk* “..nobody remembers your blunders”

  60. Kevin Smith

    Kevin SmithPrije mjesec

    It took me a moment to realize the interaction with the fat motorist in the elevator hadn't left you with an interest in object oriented programming.

  61. Bryn Roth

    Bryn RothPrije mjesec

    So is nobody gonna talk about 2:43… *tommyinnit*

  62. Sarah Osborne

    Sarah OsbornePrije mjesec

    Literally I'm always people's therapist 🙄 like I literally want to start charging people to talk to me. I got enough problems on my own

  63. Lewis Greenhow

    Lewis GreenhowPrije mjesec

    The face in the lower buttons inside the lift was an outstanding touch

  64. A H

    A HPrije mjesec

    Your mother learns korean from duolingo? Man i feel bad for the koreans.

  65. Synthesized

    SynthesizedPrije mjesec

    Based mom

  66. GODAssasin

    GODAssasinPrije mjesec

    i feel like he's gritting his teeth

  67. 4 5

    4 5Prije mjesec

    Bonus: XXX diverting binge watching this channel when you're just lil bit drunxdcdsk.

  68. amateja11

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    I see that Starcraft 2 in the background. Nice

  69. Manal Khalid

    Manal KhalidPrije mjesec

    This was released on my birthday and I think it's HRhave giving me a sign.

  70. I wuv cats :3

    I wuv cats :3Prije mjesec

    I'm laughing at everyone in the comments like I haven't fucked up my fair share of conversations

  71. Darsh

    DarshPrije mjesec

    I also have this social awkwardness and it's indeed important to learn others don't care enough about us to remember our gaffs. Lol. I indeed hate when people make your shynees worse lol. Hilarious dating advice joke too. And yes people share their issues with me a lot lol. A lot of people seem dumb for sure too xD Especially when they think you're the dumb one lol.

  72. Alex Jarrah

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    The judicious oxygen typically race because queen diagnostically attempt since a smooth arch. previous, material cattle

  73. AmirGTR

    AmirGTRPrije mjesec

    I dont mind a Subaru guy. I mean I'm a Camaro guy myself so...wait. Ah fuck. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  74. Yuma YT

    Yuma YTPrije mjesec

    Moral of the video: Puppies are masters at social interaction

  75. Magyar Attila

    Magyar AttilaPrije mjesec

    its scary that i do the "nohomo" method but i learnt it during my failures what to do and how to do them.

  76. Tobor Two

    Tobor TwoPrije mjesec

    Honestly useful

  77. Matthew Oswald

    Matthew OswaldPrije mjesec

    I really like the amuse yourself advise. I have taken that and while I'm invited to less events, I have a lot more fun

  78. MrCouchPotato

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  79. Jonathan Matias

    Jonathan MatiasPrije 2 mjeseci

    Bruh funny thing is that I know at least 2 of those books go hard

  80. Harry Boi

    Harry BoiPrije 2 mjeseci

    This is all good advice, but if you have a stutter, you’re fucked.

  81. 77Tigers

    77TigersPrije 2 mjeseci

    all of this is new to me

  82. Useless Jewelry box

    Useless Jewelry boxPrije 2 mjeseci

    Wow so you’re helping the aliens get more information on how to act human?

  83. Crownie

    CrowniePrije 2 mjeseci

    And i still dont know how to have a normal convesation...

  84. Yonski

    YonskiPrije 2 mjeseci

    You are a cyclist

  85. nah

    nahPrije 2 mjeseci

    get headphones, not earbuds

  86. Justin Sane

    Justin SanePrije 2 mjeseci

    Dude how do you make these videos? Like the animation and putting the dialogue together. I dont know what to use to start making videos of my own. Please help me, i love your lessons and videos, been subscribed for 3 yrs and always get me through

  87. Oliver Gaskell

    Oliver GaskellPrije 2 mjeseci

    3:02 this is the most annoying thing... when someone asks why I'm quiet... Cause I'm awkward af and asking about it doesn't help

  88. Fred

    FredPrije 2 mjeseci

    Her: hey so what’s your name Me: 🏃‍♂️

  89. L KS

    L KSPrije 2 mjeseci

    "No one thinks about you" I've stayed true to this saying for my entire life after 13 years old.

  90. Grimxhunter21

    Grimxhunter21Prije 2 mjeseci

    Moral of the story: Be a dog

  91. Eddie._.

    Eddie._.Prije 2 mjeseci

    2:47 I feel personally attacked

  92. whatcanidooo

    whatcanidoooPrije 2 mjeseci

    I feel like I'm the quite person and the over-sharer. Like I'm usually too anxious to talk but when I have to I panic and tell some incoherent personal anecdote that no one wants to hear 😭

  93. Notaforumguy007

    Notaforumguy007Prije 2 mjeseci

    What I've gathered, if I want to be successful in a conversation either be a puppy golden retriever or have one with you so you can vicariously live through its success.

  94. Dancingrain

    DancingrainPrije 2 mjeseci

    The one with no filter and the one who overfilters. 🤣🤣

  95. Wyatt Coats

    Wyatt CoatsPrije 2 mjeseci

    6:50 did not age well

  96. Isaac Thackray

    Isaac ThackrayPrije 2 mjeseci

    "poor thing must have been vaccinated" i cannot tell if you are saying that it's stupid, or has to suffer the burden of living

  97. Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin ReedPrije 2 mjeseci

    the people i hate the most are the ones who attempt to turn conversation into some sort of duel of words

  98. Jun Yuan

    Jun YuanPrije 2 mjeseci

    6:37 "poor thing, must have been vaccinated" DUDEEE

  99. Rzr sucs

    Rzr sucsPrije 2 mjeseci

    I watched this video expecting for it to be funny and a joke but I learned things I never thought I needed to and ima use them also the comments are gold

  100. RIP NO

    RIP NOPrije 2 mjeseci

    Being the therapist isnt fun, but its still worth doing.

  101. Legendary Lightning

    Legendary LightningPrije 2 mjeseci

    2:02 "No one thinks about you" Me: so am I worthless then?

  102. The letter e

    The letter ePrije 2 mjeseci

    I have no clue why I’m watching this, but very informative.

  103. Der ZETIX

    Der ZETIXPrije 2 mjeseci

    0:30 that's literally me