Getting a Laugh: How to Make Something Funny

Been wanting to make an ongoing series on comedy writing for a while. Let me know if you're like to see them run along side the regular uploads.
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  1. I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that

    I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with thatPrije 19 sati

    This video proves that comedy is not as subjective as everyone says it is. Yes, it's not scientific, but there is a logic to how it works and it can be criticized. The subjectivity of a joke is whether or not you, as the audience, will find it funny.

  2. Jax X

    Jax XPrije dan

    Instructions unclear on CIA's watch list now

  3. Studio Terrible

    Studio TerriblePrije dan

    I've subscribed and I thank you for this video. I do comedy do - kinda - it's a little hard to explain what I do - stories in green screen don't want to come here to plug my channel but, just go see one day when you have nothing to do - hahahaha...but, anyway, I wanted to thank you so much for this vid which encourages me to continue!

  4. Wolfman0706

    Wolfman0706Prije dan

    Gen Z: *My goals are beyond your understanding*

  5. Shoshanna Cohen

    Shoshanna CohenPrije 3 dana

    Ahhh dude, dude, you are making comedy wayyyy harder than it is. How do I know? Most youtube comments by general public are much funnier and clever than pro comedians and comedy that is in the mainstream.

  6. Terry Sutherland

    Terry SutherlandPrije 3 dana

    Yes, after all, what's funnier than crippling depression...?

  7. Hrishit Paul

    Hrishit PaulPrije 4 dana


  8. John Lewis

    John LewisPrije 5 dana

    Your "misplaced nut" joke was solid.

  9. craf

    crafPrije 5 dana

    Joker should see this video

  10. mikooly69

    mikooly69Prije 6 dana

    CE: if you’re not funny nobody laughs. Amy Schumer: hold my vaginal douche!

  11. Enemy Reinforcements Falling

    Enemy Reinforcements FallingPrije 7 dana

    What's the most complex thing you do in your kitchen? Pretending I actually have food.

  12. Jordan Hammond

    Jordan HammondPrije 8 dana

    8:37 ?, No, that'd still be funny.

  13. Diane Thibeault

    Diane ThibeaultPrije 8 dana


  14. Diane Thibeault

    Diane ThibeaultPrije 8 dana

    RACHEL BRAH????/

  15. Hector Santos

    Hector SantosPrije 8 dana

    that stick man looks exactly like me. I'm spooked (not really).

  16. Kinang Eagle

    Kinang EaglePrije 10 dana

    I just laugh because i find other’s laughter funny

  17. Christopher Dunston

    Christopher DunstonPrije 10 dana

    Bruhhhhhhh, the misplaced nut joke from Casually is comedy goal. The set-up, punchline, and I tell you!

  18. Lil Joey Red Blue

    Lil Joey Red BluePrije 10 dana

    When I heared "literaly nothing into SOMEthing" while looking at the cursed stickman I laughed

  19. Kathy Bramley

    Kathy BramleyPrije 11 dana

    It's not just about breaking expectations, there's simultaneously entwined with an alternative or deeper recognition. Because the point of it is about breaking tension.

  20. Joe Dimuantes

    Joe DimuantesPrije 11 dana


  21. Mr. Shepherd's pie

    Mr. Shepherd's piePrije 11 dana

    in the beginning: comedy is anything that makes you laugh at the end: comedy is cancer

  22. Solidarity Time

    Solidarity TimePrije 13 dana

    That Louis CK joke was savage

  23. Elisabeth Nguyen

    Elisabeth NguyenPrije 15 dana

    What do you call it when you adopt a baby cow? Raising the steaks I made the joke while playin Minecraft

  24. Chris Barry

    Chris BarryPrije 15 dana

    The "maybe a little bit funny" caption when saying the commissioner could kill a kid just cracked me up

  25. South Island Hero

    South Island HeroPrije 17 dana

    “Whats the most complex thing you do in your kitchen Me: walking

  26. absolute nothing

    absolute nothingPrije 17 dana

    "what's the most complex thing you do in your kitchen??" beating my meat without making a sound.

  27. Hunter Nease

    Hunter NeasePrije 20 dana

    I clicked on tbis knowing it would work since bo burnham was the thumbnail

  28. Sam N

    Sam NPrije 20 dana

    What’s the most complex thing I’ve done in my kitchen? Pulling weeds... How did they get there? Funny you should ask. It all started in 1987….

  29. Rin Matsuoka desu

    Rin Matsuoka desuPrije 22 dana

    damn we're so pathetic that we have to search this

  30. Lukas Sprehn

    Lukas SprehnPrije 22 dana

    The death thing I didn’t find that funny though. But comedy is subjective.

  31. Lee Somiah

    Lee SomiahPrije 23 dana

    all the commentors coming here thinking they ain't funny : also the same ppl damagin lungs

  32. Tj the werewolf prince

    Tj the werewolf princePrije 24 dana

    I think it can also depend on where your doing the jokes as well I remember I said this joke to one of my American friends and he got really at me and told me to not do those types of jokes becuase it's very offensive it wasn't that bad either I said "What happens when you push a fat person off a cliff . . . . . They bounce" if your an American can you explain if all Americans are like this or if it's just him because I'm still confused why he was offended.

  33. Abbas Jaffery

    Abbas JafferyPrije 24 dana

    Its pretty common but pretty stupid

  34. Jayu

    JayuPrije 24 dana

    What is the most complex thing you do in your kitchen? WEED EATER

  35. Anime Rookie

    Anime RookiePrije 24 dana


  36. Brandon Gutleben

    Brandon GutlebenPrije 25 dana

    Hannibal burgess, knew u were breaking down that joke hahaha

  37. Desco monster

    Desco monsterPrije 25 dana

    🐝 smart

  38. Desco monster

    Desco monsterPrije 25 dana

    Hey how to beemore like how to 🐝

  39. Mr. Lean

    Mr. LeanPrije 28 dana

    Best way to be funny. Don’t try to be funny. Let it come naturally

  40. Alia Åsten

    Alia ÅstenPrije 28 dana

    So, you came up with the punchline and then made a bit over 11min setup for that? Nice :D !

  41. Adam Giannone

    Adam GiannonePrije 28 dana

    "Of all people, you think you'd know the damage you could inflict from a misplaced nut" How he slipped that is was genius.

  42. Skapaloka

    SkapalokaPrije 29 dana

    a part of comedy is finding two things and relating them in a way you wouldn’t normally relate them, such as using two words that are spelled the same to link different topics. unless of course you have 2 hours of experience in adobe premiere, a 3gb folder of fart sound effects and a youtube channel.

  43. Emilie

    EmiliePrije mjesec

    I hate that feeling when I’m really trying to be funny and then I just hear someone say “no”

  44. SLUSHY

    SLUSHYPrije mjesec

    Pro tip. No matter what the fuck you say... delivery is everything and the most funny people can tell you their pet died and make it funny.

  45. Seth Calvert

    Seth CalvertPrije mjesec

    Norm is the funniest comedian ever.

  46. Action people

    Action peoplePrije mjesec

    Would I lie to you, and bo burnham



    This does not fit the 21st century humor.

  48. Jordan McCuen

    Jordan McCuenPrije mjesec

    Imagine thinking you need to be able to sing to make a good song. Do you think all these actors that become musicians just wake up one day and have amazing vocal talent? They just autotune the shit out of it. You can do that for anyone.

  49. masent masque

    masent masquePrije mjesec

    I fry human meat in the kitchen

  50. S85B50 Engine

    S85B50 EnginePrije mjesec

    In Argentina, our sense of humour is so dark it would get shot on sight by American cops

  51. Quiet

    QuietPrije mjesec

    whoa-oaw-whoa-o-o, what's new comedy act? 🦗🦗🦗🦗

  52. Gavin

    GavinPrije mjesec

    I almost hit a car today, luckily it was a Doge.

  53. Level 25 Shrowd

    Level 25 ShrowdPrije 27 dana

    I don't know whether to groan or laugh

  54. Myra West

    Myra WestPrije mjesec

    I'm the person who trails off, getting quieter and and more timid until whispering the punchline and apologizing for not being funny

  55. Diego G.

    Diego G.Prije 5 dana

    @Enemy Reinforcements Falling Myra West

  56. Enemy Reinforcements Falling

    Enemy Reinforcements FallingPrije 7 dana

    Same, although, I did see one comedian who actually uses that timidness quite well, I forgot his name though.

  57. Julian Williams

    Julian WilliamsPrije 23 dana

    @Ben Krause fax id fuckin cry 😓

  58. Khatuna Mezvrishvili

    Khatuna MezvrishviliPrije 27 dana

    @Ben Krause the fuck

  59. Ben Krause

    Ben KrausePrije mjesec

    Thqt would make me laugh

  60. Im here to speak some fun facts

    Im here to speak some fun factsPrije mjesec

    Pretend i said something funny

  61. Taha Shlibek

    Taha ShlibekPrije mjesec

    this guy is the new GradeA UnderA

  62. Elegachi

    ElegachiPrije mjesec

    Im funny its just peoples fault for not getting my jokes

  63. Killer Druid

    Killer DruidPrije mjesec

    4:13 I was never subscribed in the first place

  64. Ellie Walker x

    Ellie Walker xPrije mjesec

    Wasn’t expecting “would I lie to u” in a Canadian video

  65. Kristen A

    Kristen APrije mjesec

    You used clips from Would I Lie to You for this, I binge that all the time! I’m in a comedy writing class and this was really helpful, thank you!

  66. Lex Enderle

    Lex EnderlePrije mjesec

    “The only way to kill a joke is to explain it” -Jesus I think

  67. robert sullivan

    robert sullivanPrije mjesec

    What’s the most complex thing you do in your kitchen? Fart without sh*tting myself

  68. stoic_ape

    stoic_apePrije mjesec

    This is honeatky a masterclass in comedy. Not even ironjcally saying this, this is one of the best explanations of effective deacription of jokes and joke delivery

  69. Jason H

    Jason HPrije mjesec

    Neither interpretation of the pickle juice joke was funny. I really don’t get why the audience was laughing.

  70. Worm

    Worm Prije mjesec

    I have a joke, but I'm afraid it's more offensive than funny.

  71. Maly

    MalyPrije mjesec

    The biggest lesson I’ve learned from this is that you can’t laugh and be offended at the same time.

  72. Shriraj Ambokar

    Shriraj AmbokarPrije mjesec

    What's the most complex thing you do in your kitchen? Me: Doggie style

  73. T Ch

    T ChPrije mjesec

    Sometimes it has to do with your value as a person to the others. I remember telling a joke, but no one laughed, then a friend of mine said the EXACT same joke, nothing changed in the joke, except for the person who said the joke and the sound of the voice

  74. Lps Ycats

    Lps YcatsPrije mjesec

    Well, delivery and timing is also a factor.. Maybe they had a more (I don't know how to say it) energetic? convincing? voice? Also sometimes you have to wait for the audience to process the joke, but not too long! Maybe your friend had good timing?

  75. Tahj Kuemmerle

    Tahj KuemmerlePrije mjesec

    I love how his stick figure illustration has the proportions of a t-rex

  76. Alex Jarrah

    Alex JarrahPrije mjesec

    The shut downtown interstingly coil because owner superfamily prevent sans a tedious office. unarmed, trashy dictionary

  77. Barokai Rein

    Barokai ReinPrije mjesec

    I just listened to your australian animal videos and autoplay led me here. As someone who's naturally funny it's really interesting to hear about people explaining how to be funny because I've just never had to think about this sort of stuff,it's just what you do.

  78. Roarroar

    RoarroarPrije mjesec

    Imagine watching a video on how to be funny, couldn't be me

  79. John Gutierrez

    John GutierrezPrije mjesec


  80. MidnightAshDumUwU

    MidnightAshDumUwUPrije mjesec

    What is the most complex thing you do in the kitchen???? Me: Trying to draw lady tamayo while standing on a chair

  81. Larkyn Ria

    Larkyn RiaPrije mjesec

    “Trying to remember why I walked into the kitchen”

  82. Abraham Aarons

    Abraham AaronsPrije mjesec

    6:35 DAYUM 😳😳🤣

  83. Formerly Feral Felines

    Formerly Feral FelinesPrije mjesec

    ai trips mai hooman’s feets fur fuds . . . iz grabbity

  84. Brandon McKenzie

    Brandon McKenziePrije mjesec

    that joke about Louie made me choke on my Mac and cheese


    ADANADAPrije mjesec

    When people tell joke, for no reason I just don’t get it and I feel serious

  86. Larkyn Ria

    Larkyn RiaPrije mjesec

    Maybe you are a little slow at putting things together I’m not calling you dumb I just know especially if you’re younger and don’t grasp a wide variety of different things you can’t connect things easily…. Or you’re just a very serious put together person cause let’s face it the humorous ones have trauma.

  87. Rayo Beats

    Rayo BeatsPrije mjesec

    hmmm... idk your humor isn't mine.

  88. Aust_Pro

    Aust_ProPrije mjesec

    “What’s the most complex thing you’ve ever made in a kitchen” Your sister

  89. Alyssa Shoemaker

    Alyssa ShoemakerPrije 5 dana


  90. Mr. Shepherd's pie

    Mr. Shepherd's piePrije 11 dana

    that took me a good 10 seconds

  91. YoBro

    YoBroPrije 15 dana

    Let me just...

  92. Soilad

    SoiladPrije 15 dana

    @AB Coates i did

  93. AB Coates

    AB CoatesPrije 15 dana

    I wanna like but it's on 69

  94. mystic wolf

    mystic wolfPrije mjesec

    “you can do this for happy things as well but turns out happiness isn’t funny” lmao

  95. Darsh

    DarshPrije mjesec

    Art has a science to it for sure at times. Lol.

  96. Brian Comiskey

    Brian ComiskeyPrije mjesec

    I like how the video is nerly useless and incomprehensible for the most part bc u can't rly explain how to me funny. Like either u are or u aren't :p like U can't teach a cucumber to be funny. Instruments

  97. Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham LincolnPrije mjesec

    "What's the most complex thing you do in a kitchen?" Me: Taxes.

  98. Brandidgeridoo

    BrandidgeridooPrije mjesec

    6:35 I legitimately laughed out loud 😂😂

  99. Jonathan Fetzer

    Jonathan FetzerPrije mjesec

    What the most complicated thing I do in my kitchen? Probably my coffee enima.

  100. Kayla Nicole

    Kayla NicolePrije mjesec

    Touching nuts is what killed Louis C.K.’s career

  101. Alex McAulay

    Alex McAulayPrije mjesec

    i laughed at the pickle juice joke

  102. teljnyazhka

    teljnyazhkaPrije mjesec

    God.... its so deadly boring!!!!

  103. Colin Bradfield

    Colin BradfieldPrije mjesec

    Yes this is by far the most serious video but it was also very on point from a psychological stance of the general audience of comedic and then some

  104. Schizo Framia

    Schizo FramiaPrije mjesec

    What about shit posting

  105. Samuel Tyeptanar

    Samuel TyeptanarPrije mjesec

    I have dark humor

  106. Phreezyy

    PhreezyyPrije mjesec

    3 years later and I just realized that this WHOLE VIDEO was an elaborate setup JUST for that last "comedy is like cancer" punchline. fu. cking. brilliant.

  107. Moitreyo sarkar

    Moitreyo sarkarPrije mjesec

    That nut joke didn't age well...

  108. MagicRice

    MagicRicePrije mjesec

    Are we just ignoring that 1-shot kill on Louis Ck? Damn lmaoo

  109. Miew Leng Soo

    Miew Leng SooPrije mjesec

    I'm still finding that thumbnail...i smell comedy was giving that scent. I think is the same guy featured in I Was Right About Steven Universe Future [Rant] (Outdated)kross... Last year This video made me rethink unsubbing to u. Omg that 11:19 😳😭😫🤣😢

  110. Aravind Pv

    Aravind PvPrije mjesec

    I never knew this guy could get this serious

  111. ArsonPeaPlayz

    ArsonPeaPlayzPrije mjesec

    Hello to the future stand-up comedians and comedy writers in the comments.

  112. Kevin Qwen

    Kevin QwenPrije mjesec

    Lemme tell you a joke: RELIGION

  113. Todd Daniel

    Todd DanielPrije mjesec

    If comedy is cancer then I'm cancer free.

  114. krismsa

    krismsaPrije mjesec

    i need to stop thinking that the man in the thumbnail is you

  115. Reda Shabu

    Reda ShabuPrije 2 mjeseci

    "argue with my wife" I busted out laughing ... Never have I ever felt so bad for laughing

  116. Speedy Boi

    Speedy BoiPrije 2 mjeseci

    "What's the most complex thing you do in the kitchen" Opening the old rusted squeaking fridge door without waking up my parents at 4:00am Just felt like answering that lol