Casually Explained: Tipping

In this episode, I go around to subscriber's houses, forcing them to watch ads and taking their spare change.

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  1. Александр Болбат

    Александр БолбатPrije 2 sati

    Are there restaurants in the US, where tipping is banned? Cause that sounds like a great business.

  2. stadiondude

    stadiondudePrije 18 sati

    The worst that comes out of mandatory tipping is fake smile service. Being over the top nice and helpful till your jaws break from cringing. As soon as you have finished your meal the bill is on the table and the smile turns into a pay me-fuckyou-nowleave .. restaurant experience in the US is terrible ( yes from europe, where we enjoy long sessions and gladly pay a good tip for the great atmosphere and chillness of the restaurant)

  3. Risith Jayasekara

    Risith JayasekaraPrije 21 sat

    hoo boy, not only that we dont have to pay for lifesaving surgury, we dont have to tip too!

  4. Júlia P C Fincatti

    Júlia P C FincattiPrije 2 dana

    Here in Brazil we don't have to tip HOWEVER there's the famous "10% of the bill". So sometimes the waiters ask us about it, and then we pay it to not be rude. The good side about that situation is that the waiters who ask about the 10% are usually very nice, so it's worthy!

  5. Croko

    CrokoPrije 2 dana

    we dont tip in romania,i wont complain since this is a parody video

  6. Andrew Cheng

    Andrew ChengPrije 3 dana

    I always press other and enter

  7. Evil Business Man

    Evil Business ManPrije 3 dana

    Waiters should make tips a protection fee.

  8. Neel4312

    Neel4312Prije 4 dana

    TL;DR Rest of World: Minimum wage + tips America= Tips + Restaurant pay= minimum wage

  9. zehnwa zehnwa

    zehnwa zehnwaPrije 6 dana

    Why did he had 'If they have extra money' when he mentioned Africa? That was so unnecessary

  10. agrirane salma

    agrirane salmaPrije 6 dana

    0:30 me Africain : chiill but true tho hajaha

  11. Fukawi Ninety Nine

    Fukawi Ninety NinePrije 9 dana

    A co worker of mine in Tennessee opened a Scottish style bar/restaurant. Similar to Europe. No tax added to the price. It’s included. NO tipping is the policy. He and all the employees share the profits. Very little turnover there.

  12. Lai Kin Wah (I asked and cared)

    Lai Kin Wah (I asked and cared)Prije 9 dana

    Local restaurant: you don't need to tip, 6% tax and 10% service charge it is Local delivery man: STOP IT DO YOU KNOW I CAN'T TAKE TIPS OR KEEP CHANGE I MIGHT GET FIRED FOR IT

  13. AGWittmann

    AGWittmannPrije 10 dana

    That is so sad, they work and still cant earn enough wage to live a a life? LOOOOOL USA!

  14. Kinang Eagle

    Kinang EaglePrije 10 dana

    Cheaper menu items? Lol 10 dollars can only get you a big mac in the USA while it can buy you premium steak in other countries

  15. Gang

    GangPrije 10 dana

    Perfect i never tip

  16. Russell Marsh

    Russell MarshPrije 11 dana

    First time I've seen almost all negative comments on one of your videos. Hey, next time, just tell the server you're not going to tip up front, so they don't feel the need to give you good timely service. Most of them feed themselves with the money you do (or do not) give.

  17. J

    JPrije 13 dana

    If you expect a tip, then it's not called a tip anymore ... Copy the rest of the world and build wages into the prices so employers can pay them a fair wage. How stupid is this system, I dont tip a rude bartender 15-20% WTF. Make the prices higher I dont care and give the employees more salary. Why would you tip someone 5 dollars to pour a drink into a damn glass?! Dont get me wrong, I love giving tipps and I always do, but I want it to be up to me.

  18. James Lloyd

    James LloydPrije 14 dana

    Please take more frequent breathes and exaggerate that nasal flappy thing you do. I hate it, but I'm also masochistic...

  19. Salt

    SaltPrije 15 dana

    I’m just cheap so I don’t tip ever

  20. Wayne C.C.

    Wayne C.C.Prije 16 dana

    I once had a waitress refusing to let us leave unless we tip her enough, that will be my last meal in canada for the rest of my life. Fucking hell, I thought Canada was a first world country. Never going back.

  21. Aparna Bhandary

    Aparna BhandaryPrije 6 dana

    Yes elaborate

  22. Monox Val

    Monox ValPrije 8 dana

    Can you elaborate more on the story? I'm curious

  23. a.sweet.lemondrop🍋

    a.sweet.lemondrop🍋Prije 17 dana

    Nope. Not anymore. You can have three kids now in China :P

  24. tyler levin

    tyler levinPrije 17 dana

    I work at a restaurant where a guy got so mad he stormed out swearing up and down about how bad of a review we would get and he left a 50% tip I have no idea why

  25. Great Tesoros

    Great TesorosPrije 17 dana

    Do you still tip at restaurants when you pick up food during lockdown?

  26. Great Tesoros

    Great TesorosPrije 17 dana

    In Mexico, everyone expects a tip.. tip the server, tip the guy in the bathroom who handed you some toilet paper squares, tip some homeless guy to watch your car parked on a public spot, tip same homeless guy who whistles to help you park or pull out, tip some guy who did some 10 second street performance even though you asked him to stop.

  27. Ramza Senpai

    Ramza SenpaiPrije 15 dana

    Debe ser por la cercanía a los EU, en Perú no existe esa cultura del 'tipping', al menos en la 'clase media', no soy anormalmente rico por lo que no podría hablar de los oligarcas que tienen derechos humanos

  28. Great Tesoros

    Great TesorosPrije 17 dana

    Had an udon in Japan, at a local shop.. Left a tip and left.. Old guy running the shop chased me half a block to give me back the tip thinking I had forgotten the money....

  29. J H

    J HPrije 18 dana

    A whole toonie

  30. Martin Svejda

    Martin SvejdaPrije 20 dana

    Tipping is bullshit and nobody should do it... If you work somewhere and you don't earn enough money, quit! Go work elsewhere and don't enable tipping because it's begging customers

  31. Mr. Cheeseburger

    Mr. CheeseburgerPrije 20 dana

    Do Bloodborne casually explained

  32. Master Fisherman

    Master FishermanPrije 21 dan

    if I don't want to I just won't tip😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂

  33. Unknown

    UnknownPrije 23 dana

    The percentage system of tipping 15%, 20% added on to your order is just a new way for employees to milk more money out of you. You should only be tipping $3 MAX for each order anywhere. If they complain then it's time to talk to your employer or find a new job.

  34. Randimised Wilson

    Randimised WilsonPrije 23 dana

    Americans so gross somtimes. PAY YOUR WORKERS. There is no meritocracy.

  35. Sumbaddy

    SumbaddyPrije 24 dana

    "Africa if they had extra money" 😂

  36. Zyra Love

    Zyra LovePrije 25 dana

    Eh I’ve been done with tipping for a while, it’s really gotten ridiculous to me. I don’t have to tip based on the cost of my food, anything I tip outside of my bill is enough, it’s optional to begin with. Also I still have to tip on bad service? I don’t think so😂. I’m done feeling pressured, so I just won’t at this point.

  37. Hoàng Nguyễn Vũ Huy

    Hoàng Nguyễn Vũ HuyPrije 26 dana

    Some restaurants I go to literally have tips on their bills as gratitude or some stuff, then you can tip the waiter. I mean wtf.

  38. God Nick

    God NickPrije 27 dana

    Do you guys tip your barber's?

  39. A. D.

    A. D.Prije 26 dana

    Just stoopid America does.

  40. Snaek

    SnaekPrije 27 dana

    i live in china and we dont tip where i live

  41. Snaek

    SnaekPrije 27 dana

    well sometimes but mosst of the time no

  42. Halo Clips

    Halo ClipsPrije 27 dana

    I live in NZ and have never seen or heard of tipping happening here : )

  43. Aaro Vakkilainen

    Aaro VakkilainenPrije 27 dana

    we dont tip in finland

  44. Jacob Schmidt

    Jacob SchmidtPrije 28 dana

    I tip well if the server is actually attentive to my table but otherwise I'll just use it to round off the bill

  45. Maddie P

    Maddie PPrije 28 dana

    it's putting the responsibility of paying the worker on the customer, not the employer. capitalist schemes.

  46. Gustav Johansson

    Gustav JohanssonPrije 28 dana

    Not Sweden

  47. Jeff B.

    Jeff B.Prije 28 dana

    Expecting the costumers to deal with this nonsense is just incredibly bad costumer service. Just give me a menue with the real prices not some imaginary tales that you made up.

  48. Nut Bastard

    Nut BastardPrije 28 dana

    Tipping isn't right or wrong, it's just different. And weird. My personal policy is that if you don't have enough money to tip, you don't have enough money to eat out. But I'm a red blooded American so that's just part of my culture. I've also logged the better part of a decade working in food service, and for a good part of that I paid my rent entirely off of tips. Real tax savings there allegedly wink wink. Minimum wage is a bad thing for reasons I'll let John Stossel explain to you if you disagree. But with the system the way it is, personally I think tipping culture does encourage better service, while at the same time, the default minimum tip of 15% screws that up, as so many people tip bad service out of guilt or obligation. I tip generously, but I don't leave a dime if the service was bad. It gets complicated when the service is amazing but the food is bad or cold etc, because now a nice night out is not so nice, and now it's up to me to make one of two choices, neither of which I'd like to make: Stiff the server, or talk to the manager. Yikes. A moral dilemma is not what anyone wants for dessert. So, back of house: If you fuck something up, remake it. Or heat it up somehow. But don't send me a cold French Dip with cold au jus. It's so trivial to fix, don't act like you don't have a fucking microwave back there. And the hot fries just tell me that you mistimed the dish. I'm not retarded. Make an effort. I'd rather wait for something good than have something shit five minutes sooner. You'll get a fat tip. All you have to do is what's printed on the menu.

  49. Zyra Love

    Zyra LovePrije 25 dana

    Back to tipping is optional, regardless of how people feel.

  50. A. D.

    A. D.Prije 26 dana

    U are so djsgustjng

  51. zoro

    zoroPrije 29 dana

    Wether you order a 400€ meal or a 4€ plate of spaghetti I'm Greece the tip is 2€. Max

  52. Kuonluw

    KuonluwPrije 29 dana

    Wait, was that trip advisor comment real? Way too funny to be, right ?

  53. Sir Smoke

    Sir SmokePrije 29 dana

    Nice for gambling. tip me

  54. Emily

    EmilyPrije mjesec


  55. ileWTF

    ileWTFPrije mjesec

    I have never tipped, nor i ever will tip. Its not my problem that USA is the land of the free slaves, people working for sub-human wages.

  56. Ada.mp4

    Ada.mp4Prije mjesec


  57. Austin Crabtree

    Austin CrabtreePrije mjesec

    Not only do you haveNa education it's been 2sks n urve forgootn da pen

  58. Austin Crabtree

    Austin CrabtreePrije mjesec

    Still my fav line, Africa if they had extramoney

  59. Shubham Sharma

    Shubham SharmaPrije mjesec

    "Literally died" still gave 3 stars...

  60. martins anyanwu

    martins anyanwuPrije mjesec

    Your jokes about Africans in general are really offensive... I enjoy your channel but you gotta stop. Not cool

  61. Abc 123

    Abc 123Prije mjesec

    Actually there is no more kids limit in China (there was when this video was made)

  62. T B

    T BPrije mjesec

    Tipping brings me anxiety

  63. LousClue

    LousCluePrije mjesec

    I know waiters that work at sushi restruants in Downtown LA and make close to 4 figures a night purely off tips. It's insane.

  64. feelincrispy

    feelincrispyPrije mjesec

    When I was in the US visiting from Australia I decided I wouldn’t tip before I left because i thought it was stupid. However my Californian Jew brother in-law would freak out and would throw in for the tip everytime 🤣 Dumbass. I had him hook line and sinker whilst quietly protesting such a stupid practice

  65. A. D.

    A. D.Prije 26 dana

    U right

  66. superymario west

    superymario westPrije mjesec

    Here is the balkans, we don't have to tip... Actually, it is legally viewed as bribery and is outlawed. But you can if you feel like it. Like, I haven't tipped in 4 years and nobody looked at me any way other than normal.

  67. 180SX

    180SXPrije mjesec

    Y’all just trying explain how being poor is okay lmao😂

  68. Chelsea

    ChelseaPrije mjesec

    I never noticed how many Americans don’t tip till reading these comments 😬

  69. Zyra Love

    Zyra LovePrije 25 dana

    Lol yes because it’s optional, it has always been. You don’t have to agree, you tip, but not everyone has to.

  70. Poopinmyass Ass

    Poopinmyass AssPrije mjesec

    I live in Australia and I’ve never given, or seen anyone else ever give a tip.

  71. manehhh

    manehhhPrije mjesec

    As a Spanish dude I have a few words about tipping: da fuck is that

  72. Intense Animations

    Intense AnimationsPrije mjesec

    Oh, I tip -money

  73. Red Squirrel Wood

    Red Squirrel WoodPrije mjesec

    How can u people in the US afford this????

  74. alt acount

    alt acountPrije mjesec

    "you must tip the costumers or else its disrespect" well, that just sounds like taxes with extra steps

  75. Brock Davis

    Brock DavisPrije mjesec

    I only tip if the person helping me goes out of their way to do an awesome job. If the whole process of ordering and getting our food takes 5 seconds then I don’t.

  76. Nezumi

    NezumiPrije mjesec

    um.... don't tip in japan. you're just confusing people if you do that there O.o as for australia, tipping is ... like, maybe there's a tip jar. maybe not. fancy fancy restaurants may expect a tip but otherwise, nobody else really does... it's not always about rounding up... at my old work, if we ended up with decent tips in the tip jar, management just let us get a free soft drink at the end of the shift. MAYBE. otherwise, most of the time, we didn't even realize those things were on the counter lol.

  77. LowLow

    LowLowPrije mjesec

    tf is tax?

  78. Donovon Hunt

    Donovon HuntPrije mjesec

    I'd take the six pack over the tip any day.

  79. Matheovic

    MatheovicPrije mjesec

    Does not work like that in scandinavia

  80. Wolf

    WolfPrije mjesec

    In Japan is seen as an insult

  81. 솔

    Prije mjesec

    Latinamerica what? In argentina tipping culture is disgusting... imagine having minimum salary at 200usd and meals that cost 10usd for 1 person plus tips!! Here if you dont tip you became lucifer and get highly bashed for not helping people with their salaries... like wtf. Fking disgusting USA mentality. I hate it so I don't go out to dinner and I grab my food and dont take delivery. I save my money so I can visit normal countries in Asia.

  82. Alex Jarrah

    Alex JarrahPrije mjesec

    The thin linen lately vanish because oven scilly question before a trite attack. thoughtful, dapper spain

  83. Henrik Lary

    Henrik LaryPrije mjesec

    I am in the US and I completely and utterly agree with pretty much everything word about the USA that comes out of this man’s mouth

  84. Smegma Lasagna

    Smegma LasagnaPrije mjesec

    I don't know about you but as someone that lives in The Netherlands I have never tipped anyone in my country, other european countries I have been to and never seen someone else tip either.

  85. That's him officer

    That's him officerPrije mjesec

    Tipping is a dumb system, but if you’re in the US PLEASE tip. It’s extremely dumb sure, but you tipping little or not at all doesn’t hurt the restaurant nor will it destroy the system. All it does is keep the waiter from making money. You’re not “fighting against tipping culture.” A waiter is making 2-5 an hour and they wasted their time on your table when they could’ve been serving another table that would’ve tipped (specially if the restaurant goes by rotation). Man I’ve even had times where I’ve stayed an hour or two after I originally got cut just so I don’t have to rush my table to leave and then I barely make any money from it

  86. That's him officer

    That's him officerPrije 20 dana

    @DracoHexG I’m not disagreeing that the system is flawed, what I mean is that until the system changes you should follow it because when you try to fight against it by not tipping you don’t actually do ANYTHING to change that system you just hurt a server and nothing else

  87. DracoHexG

    DracoHexGPrije mjesec

    Doesn't this just prove the point? What you do at your job should be meet with a fair pay, I get it if the business is barely starting off, you give them a chance to pay you little+ tip, why would a well established restaurant ask that from it's employees, personally I think the ideal way should be to get paid fairly(at least 13/hr) and tipping is completely optional cuz you shouldn't have to NEED the tip to make ends meet

  88. Mike Henny

    Mike HennyPrije mjesec

    It's a catch 22. If you don't pay the tip, and every restaurant pays their workers accordingly, then they'll have less employees, because they're not gonna pay more people minimum wage, putting people out of work. Or keep the tipping system, and have more people work, just struggling to get by. It's bullshit

  89. mrcampbell81

    mrcampbell81Prije mjesec

    Your the best thank you for brightening my day

  90. Non-Applicable

    Non-ApplicablePrije mjesec

    I tip 40%, unless you seriously make mad, which is hard to do. They remember, and you get free shit out of it.

  91. [GD] Sloth

    [GD] SlothPrije mjesec

    I hate how you put ireland in the UK its not in the UK

  92. Veleka Georgieva

    Veleka GeorgievaPrije mjesec

    Just before the pandemic I was in NYC with a few friends of mine (all from the EU). We sit down for lunch and we see in our final bill that tip has been added to it. Fair enough. Whatever. We pay what the receipt says (again, there was an item marked as "tip" on it) and we still get mean looks from the staff. None of knows what's going on or what to do at that point. I'm still confused about it tbh. Were we supposed to tip on top of the tip they added themselves and if so, how much? 🤔

  93. Jan Kowalski

    Jan KowalskiPrije mjesec

    Why do americans keep defending tipping, like just rise your minimum wages, it works in Europe so trying to find excuses, same with universal health care

  94. Willow Faye

    Willow FayePrije mjesec

    @Jan Kowalski That's what I said but it doesn't stop that belief, it's a lot of the older gen. But then there's the "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" thing that America has. And it's stunted some of our progress.

  95. Jan Kowalski

    Jan KowalskiPrije mjesec

    @Willow Faye "prices going up" man proces are already up because society want you to tip, raising minimum wage wouldn't make prices rocket into the moon. Just pay your workers decent wage why is it so hard fo americans to do

  96. Willow Faye

    Willow FayePrije mjesec

    Yeah they don't want to raise the minimum wage something about businesses affording it and prices going up. And the argument against universal healthcare is stop looking for handouts. But at this point universal healthcare feels like a pipe dream.

  97. Cezary w.

    Cezary w.Prije mjesec

    Psst outside America we don't call burgers American sandwiches.

  98. YMS Ghost

    YMS GhostPrije mjesec

    bro i live in nz and dont give a what about oh a live in japan etc.. i dont tip no one cares and probly no one cares were i live cos enjhbgy

  99. Hank Hill

    Hank HillPrije mjesec

    "Pay our employees so that we don't have to." - Capitalism, circa always

  100. Paulo V.P.D

    Paulo V.P.DPrije mjesec

    I am gonna say one thing i am from Brasil and i never gonna tip because i dont the money

  101. Sefilenginar

    SefilenginarPrije mjesec

    Please stop and read the "Literally died" review. :)

  102. Markus Dupree

    Markus DupreePrije mjesec

    Tipping in the US is just an excuse for businesses to not pay their employees

  103. Leonardo Viegas

    Leonardo ViegasPrije mjesec

    Is this an American joke I’m too European to understand?

  104. A. D.

    A. D.Prije 26 dana


  105. Jacob DuBois

    Jacob DuBoisPrije mjesec

    It is a joke, just not a funny one.

  106. blaster915

    blaster915Prije mjesec

    As a Swiss, the USA tipping culture is terrifying

  107. Orkhan Ahmadov

    Orkhan AhmadovPrije mjesec

    I never tip :)

  108. Jacob DuBois

    Jacob DuBoisPrije mjesec


  109. Retrowave

    RetrowavePrije mjesec

    I don’t tip

  110. Jacob DuBois

    Jacob DuBoisPrije mjesec

    More people should do this.

  111. Heath Palmer

    Heath PalmerPrije mjesec

    I live in NZ and I have never given a tip or seen anyone tip

  112. Bluey

    BlueyPrije mjesec

    turn the P upside down

  113. Dwight st. john

    Dwight st. johnPrije mjesec

    In Hong Kong you tip in advance. I found that worked well in LA when I order a taxi to the Dr. for mom and her caregiver. The tip in advance told the driver we recognized he'd probably be stuck outside waiting for the return call. Then mom tipped him. He lives near and is always available. That worked. In Canada, service in the west sucks across the board compared to the UsA., where I finished growing up, yet Canadians act like French waiters; EXPECTING A TIP no matter the level of service. Pubs are the worst, unless we have Australian wait staff!!!

  114. Arteon Tarchin

    Arteon TarchinPrije mjesec

    i dont think those green countries represent the universal healthcare, pretty much everywhere except US has it

  115. dinky

    dinkyPrije mjesec

    I hate usa due to the tipping BS...I dont tip fishermen or bin men with much harder jobs

  116. MaKenna Mutongwiza

    MaKenna MutongwizaPrije mjesec

    “depends on what ending you want” 😭

  117. Brianna

    BriannaPrije mjesec

    It's funny to me that customers think they are getting ripped off when they tip. I know american tipping is ridiculous but that is what makes the price for your meal so cheap. If tipping wasn't required, your meal would cost more. Either way the customers will be paying the same amount at the end of the day.

  118. Zyra Love

    Zyra LovePrije 25 dana

    Well then have them raise the prices, until then oh well. I’m not paying someone to do their job😂, it’s not my job to make sure they make enough I could care less.

  119. X

    XPrije mjesec

    @Jacob DuBois who are you?

  120. Jacob DuBois

    Jacob DuBoisPrije mjesec

    @X Wtf are you talking about?

  121. X

    XPrije mjesec

    @Brianna I do understand the tipping system, you do not

  122. Brianna

    BriannaPrije mjesec

    @X You don't understand the US tipping system.

  123. Cameron Allison

    Cameron AllisonPrije mjesec

    Tipping should be illegal. Period. I've never tipped and will not tip even if you put a gun to my head.