Casually Explained: The English Language

Howdy my dudes, in this video I pretend to be American.
Tune into the stream later today because I'm going to get grandmaster in SC2 but for real this time

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  1. K

    KPrije 3 dana

    today I learned its spelt hiccoughs not hick-ups


    DANIELPrije 3 dana

    Both spellings are correct, hiccoughs and hiccups. One is the British spelling and the other, American.

  3. K

    KPrije 3 dana

    I just got trolled by American English lol

  4. Cristos Raptis

    Cristos RaptisPrije 3 dana

    Having a Greek dad I can confirm he can't say squirrel correctly

  5. Jake Shumway

    Jake ShumwayPrije 5 dana

    The intro was unbelievably accurate my dad got upset when ordering a drink in Germany and the server couldn't understand I was just facepalming and telling him WE ARE IN GERMANY THEY DON'T HAVE TO SPEAK OUR LANGUAGE

  6. Dominick Roberts

    Dominick RobertsPrije 5 dana

    Okay I do not know if this was made as a joke or not. But English is one of the hardest languages to learn and I will tell you why. Reason 1: We do not have accented letters. Reason 2: English has a separate word for every single thing while other languages combine words to make a new word. Reason 3: silent letters. Reason 4: You say that English speakers just say this to make us feel better about ourselfs for not speaking another language. But people do not really speak proper English anymore (Or as everyone else calls it British English). Because everyone in the US was a immagrant English was not everyones first language, so the people in the US simplified to for those people, then everybody decided to speak the bastadised and simplified American English instead of proper English. I rest my case.

  7. The. C R I N G E

    The. C R I N G EPrije 5 dana

    Lol I know Korean and English

  8. Draftmaker

    DraftmakerPrije 5 dana

    2:16 Did you, though?

  9. Trijetz

    TrijetzPrije 7 dana

    why did you "hey siri" me lol

  10. Ro'svibessss

    Ro'svibessssPrije 7 dana

    Thank you for making me feel better about understanding jamacian 🥲

  11. Mr. Cap A lot

    Mr. Cap A lotPrije 8 dana

    Ha I was at the bathroom

  12. SHARIQ Jamal

    SHARIQ JamalPrije 9 dana


  13. Josh Knorr

    Josh KnorrPrije 11 dana

    The trolling in the vid was fantastic 👌

  14. Kyan Leong

    Kyan LeongPrije 11 dana

    A S S E M B L Y

  15. Evan Yang

    Evan YangPrije 12 dana

    I like how he just said hey google and my google home responded on how much money Casually Explained makes.

  16. Cody_P_2006

    Cody_P_2006Prije 13 dana

    Wales speak English fine without sounding like a different language

  17. Cody_P_2006

    Cody_P_2006Prije 2 dana

    @Tynm Hhvgm he said it’s difficult to understand welsh people speaking English and it sounds like another language but English and welsh sounds totally different, I was trying to defend welsh since I’ve lived in maesteg all my life

  18. Tynm Hhvgm

    Tynm HhvgmPrije 3 dana

    Welsh have a whole language what you talking about

  19. Ultimate troll user

    Ultimate troll userPrije 13 dana

    Ur mom dropped u as a baby 😎😎😎😎🔥🔥🔥

  20. Ultimate troll user

    Ultimate troll userPrije 13 dana

    Ur just mad cuz america is the most powerful country in the world!

  21. Tynm Hhvgm

    Tynm HhvgmPrije dan

    @Ultimate troll user You are definitely 12

  22. Ultimate troll user

    Ultimate troll userPrije 2 dana

    @Tynm Hhvgm lol i agree america is aweosme and u feel for the bait

  23. Ultimate troll user

    Ultimate troll userPrije 2 dana

    @Tynm Hhvgm Lol ur wrong america can nuke a counrty with teh msost pwierful nukes idiot lol

  24. Tynm Hhvgm

    Tynm HhvgmPrije 3 dana

    @Ultimate troll user Its true but you are just decendents of the British, and it's not a safe or very clean place to live I mean you cant even drink tap water in most states.

  25. Ultimate troll user

    Ultimate troll userPrije 10 dana

    @DANIEL true

  26. 05._jovxn

    05._jovxnPrije 13 dana

    it’s sad the I’m a native English speaker and can barley say rural brewery

  27. 05._jovxn

    05._jovxnPrije 10 dana

    @DANIEL merci Daniel

  28. DANIEL

    DANIELPrije 11 dana


  29. tfDusS

    tfDusSPrije 14 dana

    Nobody talking about the siri ok google joke.

  30. Andreas Vestergaard

    Andreas VestergaardPrije 14 dana

    Bruh you activated my google home🤝😰

  31. James Lloyd

    James LloydPrije 15 dana

    My favorite parts are when you take a loud ass breath.

  32. Marek Beran

    Marek BeranPrije 15 dana

    I cannot spoke English before this video, now i can

  33. DANIEL

    DANIELPrije 11 dana


  34. MemeGuy 666

    MemeGuy 666Prije 15 dana

    1:04 I C a reference there

  35. Daphne Freyja

    Daphne FreyjaPrije 15 dana

    i love the way you explain something

  36. Russell Marsh

    Russell MarshPrije 16 dana


  37. Lamperouge

    LamperougePrije 16 dana

    Assembly xD

  38. Argus

    ArgusPrije 16 dana

    "...Assembly" * horrific flashbacks come to mind as my anxiety disorder starts acting up *

  39. Dana Hutto

    Dana HuttoPrije 16 dana

    This is by far the funniest HRhave video I’ve watched in quite a long time. Bravo

  40. cybotronic

    cybotronicPrije 16 dana

    Bob Marley: ey mayn

  41. Pancha

    PanchaPrije 18 dana

    Why didn’t this video talk about the words blonde and blond

  42. Pedou City Officiel

    Pedou City OfficielPrije 18 dana


  43. BananemitFahne

    BananemitFahnePrije 18 dana

    Casually Explained: I can´t Rap cause my Canadian accent Drake: Am I a Joke

  44. Julian Edelman is the GOAT

    Julian Edelman is the GOATPrije 17 dana

    First like

  45. chris Athanas

    chris AthanasPrije 20 dana

    I got the assembly language joke I’m a fucking nerd

  46. Paranoyd

    ParanoydPrije 20 dana


  47. Carlos Heras

    Carlos HerasPrije 22 dana

    My Google Nest "Sorry, I didn't understand". Guess you should give up on English.

  48. Natan’el Alers

    Natan’el AlersPrije 23 dana

    This had to be the funniest video about English you got me with the “I love you” part 😂

  49. Brawliverse

    BrawliversePrije 23 dana

    2:52 damn you

  50. wolfy

    wolfyPrije 23 dana

    how tf are we in the negative? smh im not surprised ether

  51. 9A 06 Adwita Shintre

    9A 06 Adwita ShintrePrije 24 dana

    And he didn't mention india? That's dumb

  52. DANIEL

    DANIELPrije 10 dana

    @9A 06 Adwita Shintre oh cool

  53. 9A 06 Adwita Shintre

    9A 06 Adwita ShintrePrije 10 dana

    @DANIEL cause everyone here knows mostly 3 to 4 languages English and hindi being the most common

  54. DANIEL

    DANIELPrije 11 dana


  55. Benjamin Li

    Benjamin LiPrije 25 dana

    As an English speaker, this video is very funny

  56. UngusBungusFilms

    UngusBungusFilmsPrije 25 dana

    Bold of you to assume I have the money for any of those assistants

  57. EliKle

    EliKlePrije 25 dana

    1:30 but he does know there are more than der die and das for formes like genitiv dativ etc. right...? Right???

  58. Ben Schönhardt

    Ben SchönhardtPrije 25 dana

    2:54 holy fuck i got nailed ps: I love you

  59. fel krosis

    fel krosisPrije 25 dana


  60. Justin American

    Justin AmericanPrije 26 dana

    "Not for me; I fucking nailed it." 🤣

  61. Baphomet loves You

    Baphomet loves YouPrije 26 dana

    Honestly as someone that speaks Farsi (Persian) it was way easier for me to learn English then Arabic even though farsi and arabic are very similar

  62. papa johns

    papa johnsPrije 26 dana

    doesnt say i love you "thanks guys i really needed it"

  63. Fex

    FexPrije 26 dana

    You guys think English is hard to learn? How cute.

  64. StarPenguin

    StarPenguinPrije 27 dana

    Me as a Korean will probably take 1000 years to learn a single character in mandarin

  65. doin yourmom

    doin yourmomPrije 27 dana

    Us mfs in countries that have both english and their original language as their national languages have it easy

  66. Atte Liimatainen

    Atte LiimatainenPrije 27 dana

    I gotta learn english because the instructions in almost every thing is in english so i gotta learn english to get a job

  67. Mod Maker

    Mod MakerPrije 28 dana

    Fuck articles: the, a, an Polish has none. Articles are redundant.

  68. Eklavya Goyal

    Eklavya GoyalPrije 28 dana

    "Not so easy now, is it, baguette boi?"


    CALLSIGN: MICKPrije 28 dana

    slavic languages are so hard to learn man 😀🙂

  70. Masonlovesrkl

    MasonlovesrklPrije 29 dana

    I knew that my principal was speaking a different language

  71. Ethan Rute Villarreal

    Ethan Rute VillarrealPrije 29 dana

    How can you get 0.8 average languages known in the US?!

  72. anon anon

    anon anonPrije 12 dana

    @Ethan Rute Villarreal no lmao

  73. Ethan Rute Villarreal

    Ethan Rute VillarrealPrije 28 dana

    @Baxter 20 % of the population is NOT illiterate. At least I hope so, thought of the United States as an actual first world country.

  74. Baxter

    BaxterPrije 29 dana

    I’d imagine maybe illiterate rate or something

  75. Oreen Syeda

    Oreen SyedaPrije 29 dana

    I SAID EVERY WORD AND THEN "i love you" CAMEAND I WAS LIKE "ill wait till cassually explain says it first" AND THEN HE SAID "thanks i needed that" AND THEN I WAS LIKE "👁👄👁 oh well-"

  76. Justlearn

    JustlearnPrije 29 dana

    On the point and funny video. English is a global language and spoken by so many people. USA says Color and UK says Colour

  77. Tynm Hhvgm

    Tynm HhvgmPrije 3 dana

    Anything different to Englands way of spelling is wrong. English is Englands language so the fact US tries to change spellings is weird

  78. anon anon

    anon anonPrije 12 dana

    The latter being correct

  79. Evri The Greek

    Evri The GreekPrije 29 dana

    I'm Greek and I have to say that Greek is a much more complicated and the is easy for us to pronounce because we have δ which is th

  80. Someone idk

    Someone idkPrije 29 dana

    And sadly it does not take 600 hours to learn my language so best not to even try.

  81. Prajwal Kandel

    Prajwal KandelPrije 29 dana

    you know how to present content in funny way

  82. Nigerian prince

    Nigerian princePrije 29 dana

    Yeah dude fuck kilometers

  83. xXmlgamingXx

    xXmlgamingXxPrije mjesec

    Me, a native Hebrew speaker who knows English almost fluently: 🌚

  84. Eduardo Morgado

    Eduardo MorgadoPrije mjesec

    2:51 this guy is f**** legend

  85. KhasKid YT

    KhasKid YTPrije mjesec

    2:01 LMAO

  86. minecraftions

    minecraftionsPrije mjesec

    Baget boy and gun boy

  87. ÖfkeliOyuncu

    ÖfkeliOyuncuPrije mjesec

    English is the easiest language to learn

  88. DANIEL

    DANIELPrije 11 dana

    I mean it’s everywhere, yeah

  89. Orosh I ✔

    Orosh I ✔Prije mjesec

    euh c'est pas très sympa de dire ça sur les français

  90. Calirs

    CalirsPrije mjesec

    As an American. This video is 100% factually correct

  91. Lucidd4

    Lucidd4Prije mjesec

    "Mikasa wa doko desu ka" I physically doubled over reading that lmao

  92. Silas Palmieri

    Silas PalmieriPrije mjesec

    That joke had me in tears

  93. A. Jonathan Mamahit

    A. Jonathan MamahitPrije mjesec

    4:44 ha! Sike!

  94. Albert leo

    Albert leoPrije mjesec

    The fancy undershirt cephalometrically branch because gosling affectively stretch without a unknown blood. even excellent excited, erect restaurant

  95. Conn Sean

    Conn SeanPrije mjesec

    ok ok people if you think english is hard irish is a whole lot worse language to learn. there are three twos. im talking about the numbers. dont get me started on to and too. ive been learning for 9 years now and i am shit at it. its compulsery to learn in ireland aswell. (unless your parents dont want you to learn it) my mams an irish teacher aswell and when she sees a mistake im dead. actually compared to a lot of people i know im pretty good at irish.

  96. Tynm Hhvgm

    Tynm HhvgmPrije 3 dana

    Tf are you talking about ? Irish dont have a separate language they speak English

  97. Mr Swagboi21

    Mr Swagboi21Prije mjesec

    American english is so confusing to a Brit like me and the accent doesn’t help in my opinion

  98. DANIEL

    DANIELPrije 3 dana

    @Tynm Hhvgm I mean…I doubt anyone actually hate British accents, it’s mostly just light-hearted jokes

  99. Tynm Hhvgm

    Tynm HhvgmPrije 3 dana

    @DANIEL It just baffles me how most Americans hate lur accent and love to insult it but its literally the true way of pronouncing the english language.

  100. Tynm Hhvgm

    Tynm HhvgmPrije 3 dana

    @DANIEL I get what you mean bro but our English is definitely the Original and all others are just basically rip offs but no disrespect to my english speaking brothers it's just how it is.

  101. DANIEL

    DANIELPrije 3 dana

    @Tynm Hhvgm there’s no such thing as true English. They’re just differences when it comes to each English speaking nation, but that doesn’t mean theirs is fake and yours right. I think what you meant is your English is the original and even that wouldn’t be completely true.

  102. Tynm Hhvgm

    Tynm HhvgmPrije 3 dana

    @DANIEL The difference is our English is true english.

  103. Kero gamal

    Kero gamalPrije mjesec

    No one is allowed to feel good about himself on my watch especially myself !. Damn this guy

  104. trevorwhiteboy

    trevorwhiteboyPrije mjesec

    4:20 Missed opportunity for “Sylvester Stallone sounds cool but I can’t understand him”

  105. goldi hook

    goldi hookPrije mjesec

    i am czech and czech makes me want to comit leave living

  106. DJ ShaDe

    DJ ShaDePrije mjesec

    Hmmm... I also speak assembly code

  107. Z4CK 0512

    Z4CK 0512Prije mjesec

    4:44 i tried it without using my headphones and SURPRISINGLY SIRI RECOGNIZED YOUR VOICE AS MINE just kidding why would it do that but I will sub though

  108. DatBoi Troy

    DatBoi TroyPrije mjesec

    Isn't it...Hiccups?.. o.O Hiccoughs? tf? o-o

  109. DatBoi Troy

    DatBoi TroyPrije mjesec

    *One google search later* ah yes, i am American indeed and not British lol

  110. Nichka Paws

    Nichka PawsPrije mjesec

    I love you

  111. Jack Ringel

    Jack RingelPrije mjesec

    2:52 you didn't say it back :(

  112. Ryan McColloch

    Ryan McCollochPrije mjesec

    Our friend from the North, the U.S. only mastering 0.8 languages is the most accurate you have been.

  113. AC 86

    AC 86Prije mjesec

    It’s all fun and games until someone mentions “Aluminium” then everyone loses their shit.

  114. DANIEL

    DANIELPrije 11 dana

    Or “Pecan”

  115. reconjulicraft

    reconjulicraftPrije mjesec

    0:52 lol i could have learned five different languages instead of playing Fortnite

  116. TTMan 69

    TTMan 69Prije mjesec

    Remember if you feel useless, 20% of america doesn’t even know language

  117. DANIEL

    DANIELPrije 11 dana

    most them are probably babies

  118. Noahan Zachariah

    Noahan ZachariahPrije mjesec

    Try indian languages and other Asian languages

  119. Yintii

    YintiiPrije mjesec

    damn you got my siri

  120. Enderyasocutie

    EnderyasocutiePrije mjesec

    So ur saying that it took me 2200 Hours to learn English?!

  121. Raven Creation

    Raven CreationPrije mjesec

    As an american, who also has a 3D-printer, I highly support the idea of completely switching to the metric system but not celsius, celsius is lame

  122. Raven Creation

    Raven CreationPrije 29 dana

    @Baxter Yeah, but then you need to say -celsius when going under freezing... which actually kinda works

  123. Baxter

    BaxterPrije 29 dana

    Meh I mean saying 32 degrees Fahrenheit is lame, easier just to say 0 degrees Celsius

  124. Just a random redditor

    Just a random redditorPrije mjesec


  125. Lune Moon

    Lune MoonPrije mjesec

    As a linguist, thank you for clarifying that there's no "hardest language to learn"

  126. JW Miller

    JW MillerPrije mjesec

    This explains why one of my work colleagues puts 'the' in front of nouns at random.

  127. Mati Waligóra

    Mati WaligóraPrije mjesec

    In Poland we don't say: "the/der/la chocolate", we say just: "chocolate" and I think that's beautiful

  128. Tynm Hhvgm

    Tynm HhvgmPrije 3 dana

    I dont understand what you mean? The chocolate? Nobody says that

  129. napstblook tr

    napstblook trPrije 19 dana

    same in turkish

  130. Richard 1906

    Richard 1906Prije 29 dana

    not der chocolate, its die chocolate, chocolate is female in german but i guess that just proves the point

  131. stole madden

    stole maddenPrije mjesec

    same in russian

  132. EvanJack06

    EvanJack06Prije mjesec

    OI Leave the Welsh out of this

  133. Behnam Shahnameh

    Behnam ShahnamehPrije mjesec

    In Persian we Don't Even Have "He/She", We Just Say "ou او" About Persian Language Gender is Not Considered at All Of Course We Have Man/Woman But Not in Verbs & Words Did you Know Words Like "Bad", "Jungle", "Mom", "Mother", "Brother" & Many More are Persian

  134. Toasty

    ToastyPrije mjesec

    How long is a kilometer?

  135. ghostwyy

    ghostwyyPrije mjesec

    as a person whose first language isnt english, your accent is the most easy one to comprehend so- youre pretty cool :]

  136. Roye S.

    Roye S.Prije mjesec

    POV: your language was in that part of the video

  137. Frank Studios

    Frank StudiosPrije mjesec

    English is preaty easy to learn for your average español speaking persona