Casually Explained: The Carbon Scale

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    Buying used cars

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    1:57 based

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    bill nye will nut in your eyePrije 20 dana

    "Sponsored by bill gates and melinda" Okay . That is a dislike from me , sorry

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    Brennan LuPrije 21 dan

    Gets sponsored by Blizzard. Ages poorly. Gets sponsored by Bill Gates. Ages poorly.

  5. Jubnx

    JubnxPrije 24 dana

    Where I live in Canada, hydroelectric power is renewable so electricity is almost without carbon emissions

  6. Austin Wilwayco

    Austin WilwaycoPrije 26 dana

    I never understood using paper over plastic straws. The paper straw usually deteriorates before I even finish my drink

  7. innocentrage1

    innocentrage1Prije 27 dana

    So who got the rights to this video in the divorce?

  8. Syed Ali

    Syed AliPrije mjesec

    From "swinging on the fences" to "swinging at eachother".

  9. KhasKid YT

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    2:27 LMAO

  10. Corbin Paddock

    Corbin PaddockPrije mjesec

    But, how much CO2 is produced to create those renewable energy sources? And how does that compare to creating and using for say, a nuclear or cleaner coal power plant?

  11. Corbin Paddock

    Corbin PaddockPrije 6 dana

    @xa nt A lot of carbon goes into producing ‘renewables’ the materials to make them and the materials used to make have to be obtained. The means used to obtain those materials and to put them together on site create a huge carbon debt before they even start working. Even if that process became carbon neutral as well, please explain to me how wind farms or large arrays of solar panels don’t affect the natural environment. They do. How can creating a larger CO2 debt by just making more renewables lead to less carbon. The renewables will never ‘renew’ their own carbon debt from their creation. They are also not reliable (Texas power grid failure for example).

  12. xa nt

    xa ntPrije 7 dana

    that's a silly question because even if you're right that they're currently at a net negative (which is false), as we transition to higher rates of renewable energy, the amount of CO2 produced to create them goes down.

  13. Corbin Paddock

    Corbin PaddockPrije mjesec

    I suppose that if wind turbines were made of paper or solar panels were powered by algae, maybe then this argument could stand up. The truth is that ‘renewables’ can’t even renew their own CO2 debt from their creation.

  14. Normi

    NormiPrije mjesec

    Learnt more about climate change in this video than big orgs' shitty and boring ads.

  15. Gage Tucker

    Gage TuckerPrije mjesec

    Listening to this on my gaming PC while playing minecraft....

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    Bill and Miilinda are so close they would never split up...

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    Damn, they are so kind, their relationship will probably last forever

  20. Andrés Goens

    Andrés GoensPrije mjesec

    why not address food? that's such a big impact, easy-to-change thing

  21. SimplePhotos

    SimplePhotosPrije mjesec

    So who is paying for it in 2021 Bill or Malinda Gates

  22. Karl

    KarlPrije mjesec

    5:57 Yes well that sounds like Atomic Energy production gets a comeback ;)

  23. Rasyid Syafaat Wardhana

    Rasyid Syafaat WardhanaPrije mjesec

    Hah imagine having a sick cool gaming pc *WOULDNT BE ME*

  24. A khudhairi

    A khudhairiPrije mjesec

    From what you are saying, I sense the solution is to re-use existing cars and computers...etc rather than produce new stuff, may be convert stuff to like petrol car to electric

  25. xa nt

    xa ntPrije 7 dana

    also stop eating animals

  26. Harry likes space

    Harry likes spacePrije mjesec

    That would be worse for the environment tan just getting a new car off the production line.

  27. Jonathan Allison

    Jonathan AllisonPrije mjesec

    Yooo I wanna see a graph of just... things graphed with on the x-axis, CO2 footprint of usage over a certain period of time/expected usage, and on the y-axis, the carbon footprint that the production of that item had. Anybody else feel like that would be ~interesting~?

  28. Dylan Cakes

    Dylan CakesPrije mjesec

    Bill and Malinda gates are no longer a sponser lol

  29. Michael Walcott

    Michael WalcottPrije mjesec

    Bill and melinda are such a happy couple, sure hope bill doesn't have any ties with sexual abuser Jeffrey Epstein.

  30. Red 3D

    Red 3DPrije mjesec

    Like Trump?

  31. Arturow

    ArturowPrije mjesec

    Why should we spend money on saving co2 when it's not even proven that its the main factor for the "man made climate change". I don't know about you guys but shouldn't we make sure that poverty cruelty and trashing this planet are gone?

  32. Harry likes space

    Harry likes spacePrije mjesec

    Climate change deniers are so stupid, IT HAS BEEN FUKING PROVEN THAT HUMANS CAUSE CLIMATE CHANGE. it’s not even a debate, look at a graph of the temperature from 1800-2021. You can clearly see the effects.

  33. Walter W

    Walter WPrije mjesec

    Bill -and Melinda- provided -5 year- 2.5 year licence of MS Paint on Windows 3.11 as sponsorship.

  34. FelipeNF

    FelipeNFPrije 2 mjeseci

    I just miss from this scale Bill Gates carbon footprint, just let this thought sink in for a moment. Maybe Bill is the kind of guy "Do as I said, don't do as I do" 🤔

  35. OyHa

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    return to monke

  36. Michael Walcott

    Michael WalcottPrije mjesec

    Reject humanity

  37. whilhelm the terrible

    whilhelm the terriblePrije 2 mjeseci

    in my opinion the climate change problem has been around for so long that like we've wasted a lot of money on it and I just think if no one else cares then why should I yk

  38. Harry likes space

    Harry likes spacePrije mjesec

    You see people like you are the problem, if people like you didn’t exist in the first place then we would be about 40years ahead of where we are now.

  39. OldCountryman

    OldCountrymanPrije 2 mjeseci

    Carbon is good. Plants need it. You don’t need a straw at all if you’re more than 6 years old.

  40. Red 3D

    Red 3DPrije mjesec

    @OldCountryman ok. 1. Yes Plants require CO2 - So do we with water. A little Experiment: put a Plant in a CO2 Vacuum. 2. Plants are optimized for a certain amount of CO2. We already left that threshold. 3. Even if Plants would prefer 100% CO2 in the Atmosphere... its still poisonous for us? 5. No one is trying to get rid of all the CO2. We just want to reduce our Output to 0.

  41. OldCountryman

    OldCountrymanPrije mjesec

    @Red 3D As a heart attack

  42. Red 3D

    Red 3DPrije mjesec

    Is... the first part of your comment serious?

  43. Commando Aix

    Commando AixPrije 2 mjeseci

    I am 100% sure the image from 5:12 is from Venezuela

  44. D K

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    Who is still using a straw? Just drink it from the cup.

  45. Stephen Kramer

    Stephen KramerPrije 2 mjeseci

    Emissions from electric cars are much higher because to produce the electricity you have to burn coal and oil, and the power plant is only 40% efficient, then you have electrical transformer and transportation conduction losses, then you have losses when the charger runs, then you have losses when the battery discharges, then you have losses when the motor spins. That's a lot of losses and it results in Way More energy being consumed than if the combustion takes place right in your vehicle pushing it forward directly.

  46. Stephen Kramer

    Stephen KramerPrije mjesec

    @Harry likes space no, I did not subtract. You multiply the percentages, that's what I did. And most of the US is powered by COAL.

  47. Harry likes space

    Harry likes spacePrije mjesec

    @Stephen Kramer first of that’s not how maths works you take the average of these percentages not subtract and it’s a good thing then that on average 40% of your electricity comes from solar/windmill (my area is 90% in Ireland)

  48. Stephen Kramer

    Stephen KramerPrije mjesec

    ​@Harry likes space The power plant that makes your electricity by burning an entire train full of coal per day is 40% efficient and does not treat it's emissions with a catalytic convertor like cars do. The transmission line system (which cannot handle any additional loads) to the charging system is 90% efficient. The charger is 80% efficient. When the batteries charge they are 80% efficient. When the batteries discharge they are 80%efficient. When the motor turns it is 80% efficient. 40% x 90% x 80% x 80% 80% x 80% = 15% efficiency for electric cars. Even if all of these efficiencies were 90% it would still be only 53% efficient. ICE cars only emit 8% of greenhouse gasses BTW.

  49. Harry likes space

    Harry likes spacePrije mjesec

    @Stephen Kramer do you know that electric cars are 85% efficient while ICE cars are 30% efficient? So for example if you burn a full tank of oil but for a electric car you burn that oil in a plant an electric car will still be better for the environment than a ICE car. And on average about 60% of a country is powed by fossil fuels, your argument is made on sand.

  50. Stephen Kramer

    Stephen KramerPrije 2 mjeseci

    Plus there are losses when you have to go to war with China to fight for lithium to make batteries and other electronics.

  51. Cyle Davis

    Cyle DavisPrije 2 mjeseci

    i like how everyone is pro renewables but nobody talks about how much carbon and rare earth materials it takes to make them.

  52. xa nt

    xa ntPrije 7 dana

    wow in the short term renewables aren't great guess we should ignore them and turn earth into a second Venus great idea

  53. Harry likes space

    Harry likes spacePrije mjesec

    The same process happens with the stuff that goes in your ICE car, and as he said in the video making a BEV is around the same as making a ICE car when it comes to emissions.

  54. FoxBox Foods

    FoxBox FoodsPrije 2 mjeseci

    I felt bad about my footprint until I realized that all the electricity that I use for my pc does nothing. Because Québec only uses hydroelectric electricity.

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    love the channel. hate to give it a dislike due to bill gates.

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    I am still confused, what exactly did bill gates do?

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    Sponsor didn't age well

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    On the bright side trees and algae are having a field day with all this new CO2

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    Meh the world can die so I can play minecwaft

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    whos here after bill and melinda gates got divorced?

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    RIP Bill and Melina gates

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    0:11 The cardboard in the blue bin got me. In Canada we have a seperate grey bin for paper and cardboard, and plastic grocery bags. Blue bins are for hard-ass plastics, metals, and glass.

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    Bill and Melinda Gates got divorced because of this video. Thanks.

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    I'm an American and I'm doing my part to level us out with other countries... by living in another country and pumping up those rookie numbers.

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    Weird to hear Bill and Melinda together.

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    Why’d you not talk about agriculture and our diet

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    my only critique is that I do not even remotly buy whatever results China is putting out, just look at Beijing.... its all we've got, but a pinch of salt is an understatement!

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    Cool video, should’ve also added one of the largest polluters, animal agriculture and animal products

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    The solution is not donating to suicide prevention or cancer treatment.

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    I've heard some people say things like: "but it's almost impossible to ONLY use renewables for energy!" but like... the tunnbröds rulle guy so Sweden, uses 100% or at least 98% of its energy from renewables and even uses leftover foods and literal shit as energy for buses

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