Casually Explained: Cycling

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Long story short I recently got a new bike and am very excited about it so I wanted to keep you guys up to date with my life

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  1. just some dude

    just some dudePrije 10 sati

    You know the world is wrong when something as small as the cyclist energy gel has been cancelled

  2. Dylan

    DylanPrije 14 sati

    Mountain bike

  3. Manjiro "Mikey" Sano

    Manjiro "Mikey" SanoPrije 18 sati

    I am a cyclist And i am speed

  4. Aveth

    AvethPrije 23 sati

    “His power level, it’s off the scale.” *Gets T-Boned by a Tesla*

  5. tridoc99

    tridoc99Prije dan

    As a dentist (who can not yet retire, but am at least not overweight) and cyclist (well, triathlete actually) this video cracked me up right from the beginning with the fat guy on the Venge going slower than a runner.

  6. Joe S

    Joe SPrije 4 dana

    This was great!

  7. Dutch Smith

    Dutch SmithPrije 4 dana

    Love the wallet aero photoshop

  8. Kirk Skilling

    Kirk SkillingPrije 5 dana

    Pregnant women aren’t aero

  9. PeneloCent

    PeneloCentPrije 5 dana

    Hm you should mountain biking

  10. Robert Blair

    Robert BlairPrije 5 dana

    Bought a Cervelo S3 at age 18. Im never going to recover from this.

  11. Christian Dave

    Christian DavePrije 6 dana

    Lights and bells aren't aero

  12. Sky dev

    Sky devPrije 6 dana

    the only cyclists around here are odd old men

  13. Andrew Yurcisin

    Andrew YurcisinPrije 7 dana

    This is the funniest video I’ve seen in a while

  14. Matthew Meehan

    Matthew MeehanPrije 8 dana

    I will watch every video on your channel after having seen this video. Thank you.

  15. A_O_58

    A_O_58Prije 8 dana

    You forgot the year 8 roadman doing wheelies and riding away from opps

  16. paprikakris

    paprikakrisPrije 10 dana

    its weird that in ameriva cycling isent seen as a usefull way to transport in cittys in europe cycling is the most useful way to transport

  17. Cooper Smullen

    Cooper SmullenPrije 11 dana

    we also fear magpies.

  18. Sgt_Dave

    Sgt_DavePrije 14 dana

    what about mountenbiker?i am a mountenbiker

  19. Rico M.

    Rico M.Prije 15 dana

    Video sucks.

  20. Riders Blitz

    Riders BlitzPrije 15 dana

    Why their saddle post is so long😆😂🤣 Now this is type of explanation i wanna hear

  21. absolut_height_advantage

    absolut_height_advantagePrije 18 dana

    JAMES: I had to look up Puck Moonen on insta, and I commented on her latest photo that you sent me there, she replied with “Casually Explained is tha real mvp”. So you still can’t tell if she’s into you.

  22. foramagasobeselettucepurplergasmup

    foramagasobeselettucepurplergasmupPrije 19 dana

    and I thought I was a real cyclist...

  23. Samuel Vincent Samson

    Samuel Vincent SamsonPrije 19 dana

    The hell did I just watch?

  24. Ryder

    RyderPrije 20 dana

    A tiny brain

  25. Echo Soldier

    Echo SoldierPrije 21 dan

    what about mountain biking???

  26. N L I S

    N L I SPrije 21 dan

    I’m not a cyclist; I am dutch

  27. penny for your thots

    penny for your thotsPrije 23 dana

    Jokes Aside though, in my experience as a driver, anytime a driver says that something was a "cyclists fault", the driver was probably doing something stupid, or the cyclist didn't really have a choice. Oh that cyclist blew a stop sign because they only slowed down instead of stopped completely? It's because the car behind them would have struck them if they can't came to a complete stop. Oh that cyclists was in the middle of the road? I mean, they're about as close to the curb as they can get since the street doesn't have a proper bike lane, not that you wouldn't drive in it anyway. Oh that cyclists is going too slow and holding up traffic? Yeah it's because they've been banned from riding on the local Trail by city ordinance, so they have to take this massive Hill to get anywhere and they don't have an engine unlike you. Drivers in North America are just super hostile to cyclists, and usually for no reason or a completely made up reason. I think other drivers do significantly more stupid things than any biker does. Honestly, if I lived in a place where I could walk to work, I would. I hate driving.

  28. justinin trump

    justinin trumpPrije 25 dana

    Why does the commuter also have a really speed oriented road bike, all the ones I know ride comfortable stuff, mostly mountain bikes with aftermarket skinny tyres

  29. Steal Mil

    Steal MilPrije 26 dana

    The pictures are hilarious

  30. CarBike

    CarBikePrije 27 dana

    Why did i enjoy this so much

  31. Aniket Dan

    Aniket DanPrije 27 dana

    I love how the saddle is almost as tall as the cyclist. 0:48

  32. innocentrage1

    innocentrage1Prije 27 dana

    I guess pancake syrup is a good way to stay hydrated

  33. Justin R

    Justin RPrije 28 dana

    I had a professor who was a cyclist that was 50 with no kids

  34. Aino

    AinoPrije 28 dana

    Im dutch, this is weird

  35. Chenath Wanniarachchi

    Chenath WanniarachchiPrije 28 dana

    If u are supposed to look obese and be light at the same time to be a cyclist, All cyclists are skinny fat

  36. Chad Gregory

    Chad GregoryPrije mjesec


  37. Jose Jose

    Jose JosePrije mjesec

    You forgot hipster.

  38. 윤세용

    윤세용Prije mjesec

    more i get into the hobby, more i understand.

  39. Steven Collins

    Steven CollinsPrije mjesec

    1:48 lolol

  40. Steven Collins

    Steven CollinsPrije mjesec

    Aaaaand 2:59

  41. Kag3

    Kag3Prije mjesec

    4.2k jempoy disliked this video. Jempoy is how we call a "Cyclist" in our country

  42. Argee Paquibot

    Argee PaquibotPrije mjesec

    What do you call me a student whose just casually biking to nowhere

  43. Gossiper Zoroark

    Gossiper ZoroarkPrije mjesec

    Then you got my friend, who rides a bike cause they refuse to get their driver’s license. _Then_ gets ran over in commute They are ok, the bike got stolen a month later. •_•

  44. 金安迪

    金安迪Prije dan

    hard question what was worse for him, the crash or the bike ^^

  45. Hari

    HariPrije mjesec

    1:55 is honestly most accurate thing ever. been hit by a car 7 times. every time I ride I fully acknowledge that I might die lol

  46. Kaidi Pan

    Kaidi PanPrije mjesec

    "To see if Puck Moonen is within tinder radius" lmao im dying

  47. Ali Cankaya

    Ali CankayaPrije mjesec

    I am commuting with an e-bike (on which I’d mounted a motorcycle topcase recently). What does that make me?

  48. Necropalypse

    NecropalypsePrije mjesec

    I'm a commuter. Been one for over 4 years now. :) I lost a lot of weight and built great cardio cycling. It was tough in 2018 though when I was doing physically demanding work for 75-90 hours a week though.

  49. Krauzuz Blyat

    Krauzuz BlyatPrije mjesec

    or you do sick downhill mtb like us ultra chads

  50. Clint Rapisora

    Clint RapisoraPrije mjesec

    I literally said "Oh God..." at 1:28

  51. SirBaconBuster

    SirBaconBusterPrije mjesec

    I need "Casually Explained: MTB"

  52. Fritz Antoine Orange

    Fritz Antoine OrangePrije mjesec

    4:01 name?

  53. Fritz Antoine Orange

    Fritz Antoine OrangePrije mjesec

    @alfi e thenk u friend

  54. alfi e

    alfi ePrije mjesec


  55. Jorik Van Zeijl

    Jorik Van ZeijlPrije mjesec

    Oh god, I just bought a bike... My third actually, I'm Dutch

  56. Andrew Hillman

    Andrew HillmanPrije mjesec

    I love this video

  57. Glenn Denton

    Glenn DentonPrije mjesec

    Based on the cover image this can only be anglosphere centric, and thus not a good thing.

  58. superymario west

    superymario westPrije mjesec

    I'm a mountain biker who commutes in the city but I know people who are roadies and I've watched roadie videos. This video is 100% accurate. In a roadie vs mountain biker race to a store to buy a pound cake, the roadie complained that the cake is not aero while the mountain biker stuffed it in his backpack.

  59. Everybody Gansta Till

    Everybody Gansta TillPrije mjesec

    Its funny how the commuter has a ultimate bike

  60. prince Rak

    prince RakPrije mjesec

    only fat people drive cars thats a fact

  61. Sprocket

    SprocketPrije mjesec

    As a mountain biker I feel neglected

  62. Jodi M

    Jodi MPrije mjesec

    You forgot to mention, aero is everything and thats why cyclists call each other aerogant

  63. Johan Wittens

    Johan WittensPrije mjesec

    As someone who's bike is his most used mode of transport, this video is so funny. Commuter? Nope, it's just how I get around... Just like so many do in my city.

  64. Derp Network

    Derp NetworkPrije mjesec

    Ghost in the Shell Arise!!

  65. Tyrell Chibvongodze

    Tyrell ChibvongodzePrije mjesec

    Dude is hilarious and ridiculously accurate!

  66. Aiden Rutherford

    Aiden RutherfordPrije mjesec

    Commuter gang rise up

  67. Patrick Roe

    Patrick RoePrije mjesec

    Thank god I'm just a commuter. Denver seems like it's half and half.

  68. Vision

    VisionPrije mjesec

    와 뭐냐 영어가 들린다

  69. Exotic Experts

    Exotic ExpertsPrije mjesec

    Do a motorcycle

  70. Валентин 18

    Валентин 18Prije mjesec


  71. Djembe

    DjembePrije mjesec

    swimming cooler

  72. bushbeard_ the_great_and_terrible_hermit

    bushbeard_ the_great_and_terrible_hermitPrije mjesec

    I was not prepared for the cyclist salt haha but I'm here for it. Just made my first bike commute today

  73. Inxstyy

    InxstyyPrije mjesec

    Let’s just appreciate the decency of this video

  74. jel ly

    jel lyPrije mjesec


  75. Kasule williams

    Kasule williamsPrije mjesec

    CIM brought me here😐

  76. Fatburger 5threeOh

    Fatburger 5threeOhPrije mjesec


  77. Sira

    SiraPrije mjesec

    "Helmets" *laughs in dutch* Pathetic

  78. Xx-----------xX

    Xx-----------xXPrije mjesec

    Only because you can't actually go fast enough to have any risk when riding a bicycle.

  79. Андрей Вавилин

    Андрей ВавилинPrije mjesec

    You went deep into details with cyclists, but what about commuters?

  80. Xx-----------xX

    Xx-----------xXPrije mjesec

    Nothing really to comment on, apart from that they'd much rather be in a car. Not very funny.

  81. Kevin Smith

    Kevin SmithPrije mjesec

    1:00 Back before The Empress was denuded and half of that block of Government got cycle lanes.

  82. RUPALI Srivastava

    RUPALI SrivastavaPrije mjesec

    Officer you don't understand i was making his wallet aero

  83. AlexisonBike

    AlexisonBikePrije mjesec

    Mountain bike ?????????????????

  84. Just A Guy

    Just A GuyPrije mjesec

    There are only 2 types of ppl in this world the boring bikers (rodies and xc riders) and the adrenaline junkies (the best kind)

  85. Niko HVA

    Niko HVAPrije mjesec

    What if i am 3rd type?

  86. simeon newman

    simeon newmanPrije mjesec

    fun fact: there is a category of commuter (which i am in) that gets a free ride from gravity if they live on a slope when i go to school i do about 1.2 out of 2.0 of actual cycling

  87. TheCandleWaxx

    TheCandleWaxxPrije mjesec

    Im a commuter and yes i can agree, i do worry my bike will be stolen every time i walk out the store

  88. Oh yes Mr dabs

    Oh yes Mr dabsPrije mjesec

    Bro why does this give me the vibes of... The virgin communiter And The chad cyclist

  89. BNSFBoy5519

    BNSFBoy5519Prije mjesec

    What About Mountain Biking?

  90. wolf359loki

    wolf359lokiPrije mjesec

    What about Mountain Biking?

  91. Jayden Jackson

    Jayden JacksonPrije mjesec

    Casually explained: the casual explainer: jack of all trades, master of none

  92. Lennart Raman

    Lennart RamanPrije mjesec

    I'm a cyclist and this is 100% accurate

  93. Cloush Alan

    Cloush AlanPrije mjesec


  94. Simon Lin

    Simon LinPrije mjesec

    Bruh the commuter has deeper wheels than my bike

  95. Der Bosswels

    Der BosswelsPrije mjesec

    Why does the cyclist look like a rebel soldier?

  96. richard carr

    richard carrPrije mjesec

    LMFAO l m kinda both because l do both but not run red lights l go through the parking lot next to it make a left out of the other end then a right turn at the corner and continue on BECAUSE I CAN :) PS CAN DO THIS TO SKIP LONG LINE UP AT LEFT TURN TOO except u drive straight through LOL

  97. Dan Roberts

    Dan RobertsPrije mjesec

    omg, this is the funniest and frighteningly accurate video I've ever seen on HRhave. You are a Legend.

  98. 北欧宅 -Hokuwotaku-

    北欧宅 -Hokuwotaku-Prije mjesec

    One friend of mine got a new bike for exercising two weeks ago, and today in chat he dropped the "I don't want the extra weight"

  99. znrmstrng

    znrmstrngPrije 2 mjeseci

    As a cyclist, I can 100% verify the aunt Jemima, may she Rest In Peace.

  100. Tulus Hamdani

    Tulus HamdaniPrije 2 mjeseci

    what "aero" wallet hit me so hard wkwkwkwkwkwk

  101. Justin George

    Justin GeorgePrije 2 mjeseci

    Nice wireless pedals bro 😂

  102. ivanostapuk

    ivanostapukPrije 2 mjeseci

    both the commuter and the cyclist will ignore a red ligth. The cyclist because "speed" and the commuter because of either distraction or entitlement "i´m on a bike, you must stop and wait for me filthy mortal soul"

  103. Gavin Kurtz

    Gavin KurtzPrije 2 mjeseci

    My dad is a cyclist, and I can agree on everything except the not having a lock part. The man carries like 5 different ones

  104. VELO VEE - Байк  Бег и Видеоигры

    VELO VEE - Байк Бег и ВидеоигрыPrije 2 mjeseci

    Lol that was awesome 🤩

  105. Twizted Zero

    Twizted ZeroPrije 2 mjeseci

    CAPTIONS CAPTIONING missing in action.

  106. Craig Marks

    Craig MarksPrije 2 mjeseci

    Could you do one with Mountain Bikers?