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If you're looking for the answers to life's questions and Wikipedia was under scheduled maintenance, look no further, Casually Explained is here to help.

Casually Explained: America
Casually Explained: Cooking
Casually Explained: Tipping
Casually Explained: Travel
Casually Explained: Memes
  1. idunnuoluwa abimbola

    idunnuoluwa abimbolaPrije 10 sati

    "life subtractor" 😂😭

  2. The Counter

    The CounterPrije 11 sati


  3. goob

    goobPrije 12 sati

    "german" "swedish" "italian" "a f r i c a", EVERYTIME GODAMNIT

  4. Jeff Lowes

    Jeff LowesPrije 12 sati

    Ugh. Your continuation of the "us vs them" mentality isn't going to help.

  5. Dylan

    DylanPrije 12 sati

    Mountain bike

  6. Yvng Panda

    Yvng PandaPrije 13 sati

    Yo what about the cockatoos?

  7. Marko Apatovic

    Marko ApatovicPrije 13 sati

    The Activision Blizzard joke hits different these days.

  8. Backwards Bus

    Backwards BusPrije 14 sati

    Watching from North Korea, just heard a loud bang on my door

  9. Denise Siddon

    Denise SiddonPrije 15 sati

    I tell my kids that I walked to school uphill both ways

  10. raissaguiar

    raissaguiarPrije 16 sati

    I agree with everything except donuts taste like churros

  11. Manjiro "Mikey" Sano

    Manjiro "Mikey" SanoPrije 16 sati

    I am a cyclist And i am speed

  12. Magical Place

    Magical PlacePrije 16 sati

    You could also say that venus is the same as earth, as it is a living hell.

  13. Райан Купер

    Райан КуперPrije 17 sati

    Gosh... That's wonderful video!

  14. Sweipe

    SweipePrije 17 sati

    XP is very important, even at the age of newborn you gain xp by doing stuff. I think at 1k xp you unlock "walking" which is very useful.

  15. Colmecti

    ColmectiPrije 17 sati

    My dumbass thought that he was gonna talk about litteral red flags before i clicked

  16. stadiondude

    stadiondudePrije 18 sati

    The worst that comes out of mandatory tipping is fake smile service. Being over the top nice and helpful till your jaws break from cringing. As soon as you have finished your meal the bill is on the table and the smile turns into a pay me-fuckyou-nowleave .. restaurant experience in the US is terrible ( yes from europe, where we enjoy long sessions and gladly pay a good tip for the great atmosphere and chillness of the restaurant)

  17. les consumer

    les consumerPrije 18 sati

    self esteem? what self esteem

  18. Chase Morgan

    Chase MorganPrije 19 sati

    Oh god, the Activision Blizzard joke, so ahead of it's time.

  19. I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that

    I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with thatPrije 19 sati

    This video proves that comedy is not as subjective as everyone says it is. Yes, it's not scientific, but there is a logic to how it works and it can be criticized. The subjectivity of a joke is whether or not you, as the audience, will find it funny.

  20. Jaeger Games

    Jaeger GamesPrije 20 sati

    Hey mate, where roughly in Tassie ya from? East Dev/Moonah bloke here.

  21. Risith Jayasekara

    Risith JayasekaraPrije 21 sat

    hoo boy, not only that we dont have to pay for lifesaving surgury, we dont have to tip too!

  22. Aveth

    AvethPrije 21 sat

    “His power level, it’s off the scale.” *Gets T-Boned by a Tesla*

  23. The Counter

    The CounterPrije 22 sati


  24. River Crow Enby Dragon tdr

    River Crow Enby Dragon tdrPrije 23 sati

    Also if someone doesn't want to talk about their past it might be traumatic

  25. River Crow Enby Dragon tdr

    River Crow Enby Dragon tdrPrije 23 sati

    What about Africa? I realize it's a continent, not a country, but that means that you skipped an entire continent yikes

  26. Pain Reliever

    Pain RelieverPrije dan

    Hello I’m alive

  27. TitaniiK

    TitaniiKPrije dan

    Lots of misleading information on this video lol

  28. Jax X

    Jax XPrije dan

    Instructions unclear on CIA's watch list now

  29. Youssef Hany

    Youssef HanyPrije dan

    Egypt says hi

  30. Owen Smith

    Owen SmithPrije dan

    6.9 million views. Nice

  31. tridoc99

    tridoc99Prije dan

    As a dentist (who can not yet retire, but am at least not overweight) and cyclist (well, triathlete actually) this video cracked me up right from the beginning with the fat guy on the Venge going slower than a runner.

  32. Robert-Joshua McFaddin

    Robert-Joshua McFaddinPrije dan

    I'm learning how to cook from my coworker at a Denny's... Knowing how to cook and being a chef are different things.

  33. Aiko Yuo

    Aiko YuoPrije dan

    ı wanna be a chef cuz ı love cooking but apparently, everyone around me is unhappy about my decision they think I would be better off being a teacher and they say bad things about the school I wanna go like ''oh that old school yeah they destroyed it'' or ''they force you to drink alcohol in that school'' and after slamming all the doors to my face they say ''oh that's just my opinion tho'' ugh so annoying

  34. BartmanGS

    BartmanGSPrije dan

    giving baklava to the greeks is how you make a turk mad so here i am eating my taco and being mad

  35. Studio Terrible

    Studio TerriblePrije dan

    I've subscribed and I thank you for this video. I do comedy do - kinda - it's a little hard to explain what I do - stories in green screen don't want to come here to plug my channel but, just go see one day when you have nothing to do - hahahaha...but, anyway, I wanted to thank you so much for this vid which encourages me to continue!

  36. Créator 64

    Créator 64Prije dan

    You could do an entire video on traditional/Local french food

  37. Irene

    IrenePrije dan

    Alternative title: "How to trigger 95% of world's population for messing with their food"

  38. Raw Entice • 52 years ago

    Raw Entice • 52 years agoPrije dan

    Literally got denied for applying at Target…for pushing carts…like what else did I need, my workout schedule on my application? IT’S PUSHING CARTS FROM ONE PLACE TO ANOTHER

  39. Duong Pham Duc

    Duong Pham DucPrije dan

    This is both funny and accurate as shit.

  40. Amogus

    AmogusPrije dan

    Please casually explain Boris Johnson

  41. Wolfman0706

    Wolfman0706Prije dan

    Gen Z: *My goals are beyond your understanding*

  42. syed Abdullah Ghouri

    syed Abdullah GhouriPrije dan

    Good video mate

  43. Jada Lovimn

    Jada LovimnPrije dan

    Studio Ghibi is a Japanese animation studio

  44. Sarah Elizabeth

    Sarah ElizabethPrije dan

    I can stay in my house for upwards of 3 days and not feel lonely

  45. Sarah Elizabeth

    Sarah ElizabethPrije dan

    I used to be normal and now I just find any excuse to be alone as often as possible

  46. S M

    S MPrije dan

    Many of the people I meet on Reddit are so mean ngl lol

  47. iamtooeasyn't

    iamtooeasyn'tPrije dan

    r/ask resdit be like; not me but my daughters dogs friends brothers humans mothers lawnmower

  48. Kai Tarded

    Kai TardedPrije dan

    Hey man, you got love from Japan, not much, but some

  49. agrirane salma

    agrirane salmaPrije dan

    4:00 me who lives in Africa : and i took that personally

  50. Le Nin

    Le NinPrije dan

    "they're married" Not if i have anything to do with them they're not

  51. Kermit

    KermitPrije 2 dana

    I hate how accurate this video is

  52. ade paul

    ade paulPrije 2 dana

    One night stand is pick a man or a woman from club and have a one night together ‘ One night stand ‘ and it can become a child .

  53. InvisibleCrumb

    InvisibleCrumbPrije 2 dana

    thanks this actually helped me

  54. Chad alicious

    Chad aliciousPrije 2 dana

    Idk about dating but we should go hit up wharf st for some easy pickings ;)

  55. Júlia P C Fincatti

    Júlia P C FincattiPrije 2 dana

    Here in Brazil we don't have to tip HOWEVER there's the famous "10% of the bill". So sometimes the waiters ask us about it, and then we pay it to not be rude. The good side about that situation is that the waiters who ask about the 10% are usually very nice, so it's worthy!

  56. Family Loyalty

    Family LoyaltyPrije 2 dana

    When I say "don't want to be here" it's true. I want to move but my mail was stolen all of 2019 and led to my bankruptcy!!!!!!..

  57. cellphonecam1 Jim

    cellphonecam1 JimPrije 2 dana

    Okay but this is wildly in depth analysis that I did not expect

  58. Matthew Hogan

    Matthew HoganPrije 2 dana


  59. slimei staff55

    slimei staff55Prije 2 dana

    It only matters if its edible and it tastes gud

  60. Bob Bob

    Bob BobPrije 2 dana

    4:17 yoo where the kid go?

  61. Jimmy Vandano

    Jimmy VandanoPrije 2 dana


  62. Ark

    ArkPrije 2 dana

    I discovered your channel two days ago. I just watched all your video and I liked them a lot. Please, more :)

  63. 38_Naved

    38_NavedPrije 2 dana

    i started attracting way more chicks tho

  64. Oh FiddleSticks

    Oh FiddleSticksPrije 2 dana

    "She told me she likes a guy" "Is it you?" "I think so" "Then no"

  65. Kristoffer Navarrete

    Kristoffer NavarretePrije 2 dana

    I still can't believe youtube recommended me a GREAT channel and what's crazy is that he has over 1M views on every video, he is also too entertaining.

  66. Ellona

    EllonaPrije 2 dana

    I put extra effort on my bio then a guy said OH YOU'RE LOOKING FOR MARRIAGE? I think you're taking it too seriously

  67. kirby drinking fresh milk straight from a cow :)

    kirby drinking fresh milk straight from a cow :)Prije 2 dana

    This is just how most of us think... WTF

  68. chewywaffle

    chewywafflePrije 2 dana

    Putting shorts in the title came a full circle

  69. Mini Mino Moe

    Mini Mino MoePrije 2 dana

    “Scandinavian/Nordic” but.. but Danish pastries? :(

  70. Christoph Pregernigg

    Christoph PregerniggPrije 2 dana


  71. kshitiz batra 5041

    kshitiz batra 5041Prije 2 dana

    Rewatch it after the twist and you will get everything, damn this is funny 😂😂😂

  72. Sadman Shoad

    Sadman ShoadPrije 2 dana

    I'm From Bangladesh

  73. Niket kumar

    Niket kumarPrije 2 dana

    Just be the constantly evolving version of yourself...

  74. Dyler Turden

    Dyler TurdenPrije 2 dana

    so what's this Canada joke? can anyone explain it to me?

  75. Kristoffer Navarrete

    Kristoffer NavarretePrije 2 dana

    Watching him more made me realize he is for me the pinnacle of entertainment and crippling depression

  76. Croko

    CrokoPrije 2 dana

    we dont tip in romania,i wont complain since this is a parody video

  77. GabeN_____ Studio

    GabeN_____ StudioPrije 2 dana

    Idk man i really can't tell

  78. Eric Amborsky

    Eric AmborskyPrije 2 dana

    It's really interesting to think about how tomatoes and pasta, two of the first things we think about when we think of Italian food are far more recent additions to Italian cuisine than one would imagine. Just like how the state of Italy itself is a far more recent entity than one would imagine.